Angels Nation would like to thank the following people/organizations:

-My Loving Wife, Carolyn
-My Mom and Sister, my most loyal readers
-Bill Simmons, Mike Greenburg, Anthony Siciliano, Max Kellerman, John Ireland, Steve Mason, Woody Paige, Bill Plunkett, Sam Miller, plus the writers of FireJoeMorgan, Zoo with Roy, True Grich, Monkey with a Halo and Lookout Landing for all the inspiration and amazing material. and any other sources I get my images from.  Thank you for letting me steal them.
-Mike Scioscia, for having such an amazing range of facial expressions
-Arte Moreno, for having such deep pockets.
-The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for having such an amazing organization that has never had a lack of quality guys and quality stories.
-Alex, my amazing graphic designer for 3 (soon to be 4) amazing headers, and so many other photoshoppy things.  I suppose I can forgive you for being a Red Sox fan.
-Anyone who actually takes the time to read my blog that I've never met or talked to before in my life.  I'm glad you exist, and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog for years to come.
-The 2002 Angels, who finally pulled me back from the Dark Side.
-The 2010 Angels, who almost sent me back.
-My Cat.  Because without her demeaning glare, I'd never have the motivation to be a better anything.