Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Star Mustaches and The World Series.

Welcome to the final non-Angels related post on Angels Nation. For too long I've been sullying the good name of Angels Baseball with garbage relating to Bret Favre, Basketball and The Kardashian girls. Good news! All that stuff (and other miscellaneous garbage) will no longer be here. Don't worry, when the Angels get back in the news (for something other than Brandon Wood going 2-3 in the Arizona Fall League) I'll post it here, but the site will likely be quiet through the end of the World Series.

For those worried you will no longer be able to read my musings, fear not! I have decided to take my talents to (which, for the time being, is currently located at, but will likely be getting its own url, like Angels Nation). All Star Mustaches will be your one stop shopping for news and reports on the four major sports, and Mustache love, especially when it pertains to the world of sports.

Speaking of Facial Hair, Brian Wilson and his fantastic beard (and the rest of the Giants, too, I guess) beat the Rangers last night in Game 1 of the World Series. I wouldn't write the Rangers off yet, though. I still think this Series is going to go 7 games, and its either teams' championship for the taking at that point.

See you in a few weeks for the MLB Hot Stove reports!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ducks Win on Parros' Game Winning Goal

The Anaheim Ducks wrapped up another length early-season Road Trip last night in Dallas, against the division rival Stars. Outside of an early power-play goal by Dallas, the Ducks were in command from the start of the second period on. Against a very good Dallas team, the Ducks played their best game of the season, as did Bobby Ryan, who scored twice, doubling his goal total on the season.

The best moment of the night, however, was a breakaway goal by tough-guy George Parros. He blocked a pass and was able to turn that into a breakaway, where he scored off the goalie, Kari Lehtonen, when he tried to stack the pads.

With that win, the Ducks move into second place in the Pacific division, and are just a point out of a playoff spot. Without a doubt, the Ducks are on the rise after a rocky 0-3 start. They still have a losing record at 4-5-1, but with a nice home-stand coming up against more division rivals, the Ducks seem primed to find themselves back into the playoff picture, after looking like the worst team in Hockey after the first week of games.

It seems like Bobby Ryan is going to gel better with Koivu and Selanne on the second line, and it seems like Corey Perry and Getzlaf are going to have more room to do what they do without Ryan in the way. Plus, if guys like Parros can come up big on the 3rd and 4th lines, it will make everyone's job easier.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lebron Apologists: "Best 0-1 Team EVER."

I'm not a big Basketball fan to begin with, but this game was downright boring. The Heat fell behind early, and never really made it a game again. They scored a total of 9 points in the first quarter, and never fully recovered.

Cleveland Pariah Lebron James scored 31 points in the losing effort, but the "Big 3" went 17-48 with 52 points. Chris Bosh was especially disappointing (other than his amazing ability to look like a Brachiosaurus), only scoring 8 points in 38 minutes.

I want to say that this team will get better with time, but it really looks like they have a long couple of months ahead of them before they get their feet under them. I still think they win the East, but they wont be winning 73+ games. This year...

Angels Nation 2010 World Series Preview

With Game 1 tomorrow, and the first game of the NBA season not for a few hours, I decided to take this lull in the sports world as an opportunity to preview the World Series. Lets dive right in with position matchups:

Catcher - Buster Posey, SF vs. Bengie Molina, TEX: There was a time when the two were splitting time behind the plate, but Posey exploded at the plate, and Molina was considered expendable, so he was traded to the Rangers. In the playoffs, however, I've gotta give the edge to the guy with World Series experience (with the 2002 Angels) in Molina. Edge: Texas

First Base - Aubrey Huff, SF vs. Mitch Moreland, TEX: Only positive for Texas, its not Huff vs. Chris Davis anymore. Edge: San Francisco

Second Base - Freddy Sanchez, SF vs. Ian Kinsler, TEX: Ian Kinsler had pretty rough go of it in the regular season, but still had a better season offensively than Sanchez. Sanchez is a nice piece, but Kinsler will likely be a perennial All-Star the rest of his career. Edge: Texas

Third Base - Juan Uribe, SF vs. Micheal Young, TEX: I love Mike Young, but again, the edge has to go to the guy with World Series experience in Uribe (in 2005 with the White Sox). Edge: San Francisco

Shortstop - Edgar Renteria, SF vs. Elvis Andrus, TEX: I know I've given the advantage to the guys with WS experience before, but what Andrus brings to the table outweighs what Renteria did with the Marlins 14 years ago. His combination of hitting to contact and speed can really give the Giants fits at the top of that lineup, not to mention that in AT&T Park in San Francisco, a well hit ball in a gap would be an easy Triple for a guy like Andrus. Edge: Texas

Outfield - Pat Burrell, Cody Ross and Andres Torres, SF vs. Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz and Julio Borbon, TEX: Although Cody Ross and Josh Hamilton both won their respective LCS MVP awards, they are not created equal. Hamilton and Cruz lead a power-charged outfield that drive the Giants pitchers crazy, not to mention the speed advantage the Rangers have over the Giants when playing at massive AT&T Park. Edge: Texas

Designated Hitter - Pablo Sandoval, SF vs. Vladimir Guerrero, TEX: I like the Panda, but Vlad has postseason experience, and has finally reached the World Series. I know both of these guys will get some playing time in NL parks, but I gotta think Vlad will actually start games in San Francisco, and that give Texas a huge edge. Edge: Texas

Bench: The guys on San Francisco's bench are used to coming in to games for one at bat on a nightly basis, while Texas' bench consists of guys like David Murphy and Matt Treanor, who are solid role guys, they also have Jorge Cantu, who could either shock the world, or do what he has done all season, and fail to hit with RISP. Edge: Tie

Ace - Tim Lincecum, SF vs. Cliff Lee, TEX: The best pitcher in the National League versus the best pitcher in the postseason the last two years. Without a doubt, game 1 will be one of the best displays of dominating pitcher the World Series has seen in a long time, but I have to give this to the guy in his home park, Big Time Timmy Jim. Edge: San Francisco

2, 3 & 4 Rotation Guys - Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez and Madison Bumgarner, SF vs. CJ Wilson, Tommy Hunter and Colby Lewis, TEX: I think CJ is a great story, and Tommy Hunter has come up big during the season (not so much in the postseason) but Matt Cain would be an Ace on most teams, and Sanchez has amazing, if somewhat inconsistent, stuff. Edge: San Francisco

Bullpen: I love the guys in Texas' pen, like Oliver and O'Day, but there are members of the Giants pen who are downright scary, and Javier Lopez, who has done nothing but make Left-handers look silly this postseason. Edge: San Francisco

Closer - Brian Wilson, SF vs. Neftali Feliz, TEX: You've got Wilson, who is more guts than stuff, and Feliz, who can throw 100 MPH. I think Feliz could be the MVP of the Rangers this season, because without him, who knows what Frank Francisco would have done to all those 9th inning leads. Edge: Texas

Coach - Bruce Bochy, SF vs. Ron Washington, TEX: Ron Washinton is a crazy guy, and fun to watch, but Bochy has been here before, granted it was a sweep at the hands of the Yankees in the 1998 World Series, but with his overwhelming amount of postseason experience, and some of the crazy shit he pulled in the NCLS against the Phillies, that worked, I gotta go with Bochy. Edge: San Francisco.

So, for those keeping score at home, you should know that the final tally comes to 6-6-1. Yeah, this is probably going to be a good series.

Prediction: With the better pitching and coaching, the Giants overcome the least exciting offense in baseball to win the 2010 World Series in 7 Games.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Giants Shock Phillies While Bret Favre Struggles.

What a sports weekend.

Saturday, the Number One Ranked Team in College Football loses for the 3rd week in a row (Oklahoma upset by Missouri), and the Giants pull off the biggest NLCS upset in my lifetime.

The Phillies had the Pitching, the Hitting, and the Defense. The Giants really only had the Pitching. The Phillies have about 5 Future Hall-of-Famers, the Giants would be lucky to have more than one. The Phillies had home-field advantage, oh, and the guy who two weeks ago, threw only the second no-hitter in the history of postseason baseball.

The Phillies were EVERYONES pick. I'm pretty sure that before game one, even bay-area papers were selling the Giants. Even when the Giants went up 3-1, there were still experts and analysts who said the Phillies would come back and win the series. But the Giants pushed through all the adversity, including having a less talented team, and won the NL Pennant. Its just the fourth time since moving to San Francisco, and the first time since 2002, when they lost to the Angels.

They have another tough opponent in the Texas Rangers waiting for them in the World Series, but for right now, the little team that could continues to celebrate.


After an amazing Saturday, there was no way Sunday could be any better, except it almost was.

Many of the televised football games went to the last minutes of action, one between the Ravens and Bills (thats right, the now 0-6 Bills) went to Overtime.

The Dolphins lost to the Steelers on a botched call by the officials, the Chargers fell to the Patriots by way of a missed field-goal that would have tied the game.

But maybe the most heartbreaking defeat was by the Minnesota Vikings and Bret Favre. Favre had a regular Bret Favre game. He threw three interceptions, but still kept Minnesota in the game, even on a gimpy leg. However, when Bret Favre threw the go-ahead touchdown with a minute left on the clock, it was reversed by instant replay. Clearly, the receiver, Percy Harvin, had his foot out of bounds, so it wasn't a catch, but ten years ago, before instant replay, that's the go-ahead touchdown and Bret Favre is the hero today, and not the goat.

I'm 100% behind instant replay, and especially in this case, where the evidence was pretty clear, and the right team won because of it. But you have got to feel for a guy who, 10 years ago, would have been a hero in this game. Instead, he will be ridiculed by the media, be begged to retire by the fans, and why? Because he threw 3 picks and had a passer rating (maybe the dumbest stat in all of professional sports) of 50?

Bret Favre will always either be praised or hated. There is no middle ground. Either he won the game, or he lost it. In Minnesota or around the country, it doesn't matter. Its unfortunate that for the next week, he will be a pariah in Vikings Country, because without him, the Vikings lose last night, not by 4, but by 20.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Molina Leads Power Surge Past Yanks

Ok, Angels Fans, I'm giving you one more chance to hop on the Rangers bandwagon.

I told you back, right after the season, that they were going to do big things. You should take that negative energy you used all season against the Rangers, and use it for good. They were the lesser of 4 evils. I could go on.

But the best reason to root for the Rangers, as they inch themselves one game closer to a World Series berth, is that Bengie Molina is playing like its 2002 all over again. Josh Hamilton will probably win the ALCS MVP, but Molina's impact on both this series, and the series with Tampa, is irrefutable.

Don't get me wrong, Angels Fans, as soon as Postseason Baseball comes to a close, and a World Champion is crowned, I'll go back to hating the Rangers like I always do, but for right now, they are my horse in this race, and it looks like I picked the right horse.

Oh, and enjoy the Karma, Mark Teixeira. It couldn't have happened to a better person.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Yankees: "Cliff Lee Is Our Daddy..."

Seen here is Cliff Lee taking a break from dominating the Yankees on the mound when Brett Gardner challenged him to a rodeo contest. Cliff Lee won that too.

Last night, Cliff Lee looked like Christy Mathewson, or Walter Johnson, or some other mythical pitcher whom we never saw play, but have heard about how great they are from grandparent and great-grandparents. At some distant point in the future (around when the Yankees Payroll reaches 1 Trillion Dollars), I'll have a little niece or nephew on my lap, and I'll tell him I saw the great Cliff Lee shut down the Mighty Yankees.

Cliff Lee's performance last night all but solidified the Yankees desire to have him in pinstripes, and the rest of the leagues desire to keep him out of the Empire State. With every dominating postseason start against an Eastern Division foe, Cliff Lee must hear the cash registers in the back of his head. If he doesn't sign the biggest contract in the history of baseball in the winter, the owners are doing it wrong. Its been pretty clear, at least since he joined Texas, that Cliff Lee is the most dominant pitcher in the game right now. Not only is he making opponents look silly, they are the Rays and Yankees, the two best teams in the American League.

I have nothing but respect for what Roy Halladay has been able to do in Philadelphia, but lets be fair, its been against the Reds and the rest of the paltry National League, where he gets to face a pitcher 3 times a game. I know he showed his dominance against he AL East for the first decade of his career, but what Cliff Lee has been able to do has out-shined all of that. However, should the Phillies meet the Rangers in the Series, Roy Halladay vs. Cliff Lee in Game 1 would be absolute must-watch TV.

If Cliff Lee can do the unthinkable, and carry Texas to a World Series Title, anything less than making Cliff Lee the most wealthy man in the world wouldn't be enough.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cam Fowler: What Brandon Wood Should Have Been.

Last Night, the 18-year-old, 2010 First-Round Draft-Pick, Cam Fowler scored his first NHL goal. Add that to 2 asssists he had previously, and he has already had a pretty productive first six games in his career. Keep in mind that he is a defensemen, so points aren't really his specialty. However, Cam is quite the special player. Going into last nights game, he was averaging 22 minutes a game (a great number for any defensemen, let alone one who cant drink yet).

However, not too long after his second period goal, Fowler was slammed into the boards by way of a cheap shot from veteran Shane Doan. It wasn't Doan's only cheap shot of the night that went unpunished. He also hit forward Dan Sexton in the back of the head with an elbow as the refs were looking the other way. Thankfully, he was suspended three games by the league for his actions last night. In other good news, it was reported that Fowler simply had a broken nose, and that he is probable for Wednesdays game in Columbus.

In the last two seasons, the Ducks had lost Chris Pronger to free agency, and Scott Neidermeyer to retirement. Their blue-line was tapped, and when a few became injured in the pre-season this year, the Ducks even panicked and signed Andreas Lilja from europe. However, with a guy like Fowler, should his career continue to progress the way it has these first six games, this is someone you need to build around. Once Selanne and Koivu retire, and guys like Perry leave for more money in free agency, you will want to have a young nucleus who has plenty of NHL experience. They already have a proven young goal-scorer in Bobby Ryan, now it seems like they have a blue-liner of the future in Cam Fowler.

Maybe The Greatest Photograph of All Time.

This really has nothing to do with the Angels, Baseball or sports in general. This is just an incredibly awesome photograph that I felt needed to be posted.

President Barack Obama records an episode of the Discovery Channel’s television show MythBusters with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage in the Library of the White House, July 27, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rangers Keep Hope Alive, Tie Series 1-1.

The Rangers took the lead early and, unlike yesterdays collapse, never gave it up. They continued to pour on the runs, ending up beating the Yankees by a 7-2 score. It was Texas' first ever postseason home victory. It also ended a 10 game losing streak to the Yankees in postseason play.

The Rangers used a little bit of everything to get past the Yanks. Elvis Andrus stole home to score the first run of the game, David Murphy homered, and there were plenty of clutch hits with Runners in Scoring Position.

Robinson Cano was the sole run-scorer for the Yankees, scoring from third on a double, and hitting his second home run of the series. He also took Neftali Feliz deep with two on and two out in the ninth, but it was caught off the wall by Nelson Cruz to end the game.

If the Yankees want to win this series, they are going to need to have the rest of the lineup step-up like Cano. The last thing they wanted to do was give the Rangers momentum going back to Yankees Stadium with Cliff Lee on the mound in Game 3. The Yankees will respond with Andy Pettitte, they all-time Winningest Pitcher in Postseason history, but this is more of a "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" kind of league, so Cliff Lee has a big edge in that match-up.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch Roy Halladay throw another No-Hitter against the Giants (6 down, 21 to go).

Its Just The Yankees Being The Yankees...

The Rangers had a 5-0 lead on the Yankees. Then a 5-1 lead. Then 5-2. Then 5-4. Then it was tied, 5-5. Then the Rangers had lost the lead, and eventually the game.

Spearheaded by a 5-run 8th Inning, the Yankees did what the Yankees always do, find a way to win in October. The Rangers used five different pitchers in that 8th inning, none of them able to stop the bleeding until it was far too late. Kerry Wood and Mariano Rivera then came in and shut the door. Before you knew it, the State of Texas had gone from jubilant to shell-shocked. Once again unable to beat the Mighty Yankees in the playoffs.

Some people could blame the wonky strike-zone the home plate umpire had, some could blame the over-managing on the part of Ron Washington. In all honesty, you cant really blame anyone. The Yankees have the payroll and the history, especially against the Rangers. You thought the 8 game winning streak vs. the Twins was impressive? The Yankees have now won 10 straight in the playoffs against the Rangers, and are 10-1 all time.

Angels fans can certainly sympathize. For the better part of two decades, the Boston Red Sox had been our impassable object from the East. Trust me when I tell you, Rangers fans, all this abuse makes the moment you get past your Achilles heel so much sweeter. When the Angels came back last year to beat the Red Sox in Game 3 of the ALDS, it almost felt as good as Darin Erstad catching the final out of the World Series.

Colby Lewis takes the slab for the Rangers today against Phil Hughes of the Yankees. Good luck, Texas, you will need it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers' Lee Dominates to Push Texas Into ALCS

One final dominate pitching performance in the ALDS was really all it took for the Rangers to find themselves in the ALCS. Cliff Lee pitched a complete game, struck out 10 and only gave up one earned run to help lead Texas to its first Playoff Series victory ever.

The Rangers used small ball to get an early lead, then more small ball to push the score to 3-1. Ian Kinsler added insurance in the 9th with his 3rd Homer of the Postseason, and the Rangers went on to win 5-1, and win the series 3-2. It was the first time in baseball history that the away team won every game of the series.

The Rangers have home-field advantage in the ALCS, however, and their sights have to be on winning Games 1 and 2 at home, because the Yankees in October are near un-beatable in Yankee Stadium. Cliff Lee will be ready to go in Game 3, the first game in Yankee Stadium, but if the Rangers find themselves in an 0-2 hole, then it might be too little, too late.

Regardless of what happens in the ALCS, however, you have to consider this season a success for the Rangers. The first Division Title in ten years, and the first playoff series victory in franchise history. When you throw all that together with the fact that this team was bankrupt and being threatened by Major League Baseball to get their act together, or the league would seize control of the club six months ago, not to mention the positive drug test for Manager Ron Washington, which led many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area calling for his job, this season will be as much of a success for this team as whomever wins the World Series, in my opinion. Granted, a trip to the World Series or even a Championship will taste even sweeter for Texas, but they should be really proud of where they are.

Oh, and a nice note from the Rangers celebration, Josh Hamilton (who overcame drug and alcohol addictions to make a comeback to the Majors), who was relatively absent from the Western Division Championship celebration because of all the champagne and such, was doused by his teammates in Ginger Ale. Its kinda silly, but its cute.

By the way, I was 100% correct in my Division Series predictions, and my LCS predictions will come tomorrow, so you will know who makes the World Series a week before anyone else.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Bret Favre Should Keep Playing.

After throwing a late interception (which was returned for a Touchdown) to blow the game for the Vikings last night against the Jets in New York, many sports writers, bloggers and experts came out saying today that Favre should retire immediately and let someone like Tavaris Jackson take over as the Vikings quarterback.

Let me start off by saying that I am probably a better NFL Quarterback than Tavaris Jackson, and I am available for the rest of the season, Minnesota. Second, Bret Favre is still one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the league, and you are just going to have to take the good with the bad. He has thrown INT's his entire career, and that wasn't going to change, just because he put on some purple.

Bret Favre still put up 3 Touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the NFL, all in the second half, through rain and hail. Bret Favre still has another 20 or so games in the tank, and the window for a Vikings title run is closing. Don't slam the door prematurely with Tavaris Jackson.

Oh, and concerning those nude pictures Favre sent of himself to a female team representative while on the Jets, if she didn't complain or find it offensive (which all reports currently say she didn't), then I don't either. Favre's biggest problem out of this entire thing shouldn't be a looming suspension or media ridicule, it should be having to explain this to his wife. Good luck, buddy.

Good Night, Sweet Prince.

2,504 Wins, 15 Division Titles, 5 NL Pennants, 1 World Series Title, 4 Manager of the Year Awards, 158 Ejections.

These are just the surface of the impressive resume of now former Braves skipper, Bobby Cox. The Braves lost to the Giants last night, 3-2, and lost the series, 3-1. With the Braves now out of the playoffs, Bobby Cox is off to a very happy retirement.

Perhaps the finest NL manager of my lifetime, Bobby Cox led the Braves to 14 straight division titles in the 90's and 00's. Granted, that only led to one World Series championship, it was still an impressive feat that will likely never be copied.

Maybe my favorite part of Bobby Cox's legacy will be his 158 ejections (also 3 postseason ejections, bringing the total up to 161). You could argue that someone who managed as long as Cox would be a shoo-in for a record like that, but Cox has such a fiery demeanor, it was usually must-see television whenever he went out and argued a call.

Something you might not know about Bobby Cox, is that before he was the manager of the Braves, he was their General Manager, and drafted Chipper Jones with the first overall pick in the 1990 draft. He is a good baseball mind, and will be missed across the league (except maybe by Mets fans).


Oh, and not to gloat or anything, but if the Rangers win tonight, my First Round predictions for the playoffs will be 100% accurate. Yankees and Phils won in 3, Giants won in 4 and the Rangers will have won in 5. I'm a genius, someone get me to Vegas, stat!

Monday, October 11, 2010

At Least We Aren't The Ducks...

The Angels could have it worse. They could have played 2010 like the 2010-11 Ducks.

Through three games, the Ducks have been outscored 13-2. 4-0 loss to the Red Wings, 4-1 loss to the Predators, and a 5-1 loss today against the Blues in St. Louis.

The defense is horrendous (outside of the surprising play of 18-year-old rookie, Cam Fowler), the "scoring line" of Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan has zero points, and while Jonas Hiller is still one of the best goaltenders in the NHL, there is only so much he can do when no one else on his team can play decent hockey.

They have had their moments. There were times in Nashville against the Predators that it looked like they could jump out to an early lead, or even win the game. But 3 2nd period goals surrendered and a number of hit goal-posts ended all hope of a victory.

I know its impossible to write off this season with 79 games still left to play, but if the Ducks find themselves 5 or more games into the season without a point (much less a win), its going to be very hard for them to recover.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Young Blasts Rangers Past Rays For 2-0 Lead.

Man, Dustin Diamond really looks bummed.

The Rangers have assumed a dominant 2-0 lead in the best-of-5 series against the East Division Champion Tampa Bay Rays. Michael Young's 3-Run-Homer didn't decide the game, but it was more like the icing on the cake. CJ Wilson shut down the Rays lineup, who looked almost as bad as the Reds.

If they cant find a way to get guys on base (and then get them home), the Rays will be the first East Division Champion to be swept in the ALDS since the Red Sox back in 1995, the first ever year of the Division Series.

With the series going back to Texas on Saturday, things are looking good for the Rangers to win their first ever Playoff Series. Its never to late to hop on the bandwagon. Just Sayin'.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roy Halladay Slings 2nd Ever Postseason No-Hitter

Thats right, Angels Fans, Erick Aybar + Joe Saunders + two Prospects = Playoff No-Hitter.

For those that don't understand that math, that was the Blue Jays asking price for the best pitcher in baseball last off-season. The Phillies (and Mariners) had enough guys to get the deal done, but the Angels were in the fast track to secure Doc Halladay and only had to give up Aybar, Saunders and two prospects no one has ever heard of. But Tony Reagans liked Aybar and Saunders too much to give them up. What a clown.

Saunders is now a Diamondback (don't get me wrong, I love Dan Haren, but a guy like Halladay comes around once a lifetime) and Erick Aybar had a season-long slump in 2010 after a career-high year in 2009. I wish Angels Management hadn't put so much stock into the absurd numbers the Angels offense put up in 2009. Abreu is too old, Izturis couldn't avoid injuries forever, and Aybar just isn't that talented.

Oh well, Live and Learn, I suppose.

Former Angel Molina Powers Rangers Past Rays

A quartet of Former Angels help propel the Texas Rangers past the Rays in Game 1 of the ALDS in Tampa. Bengie Molina hits a solo-shot (after already hitting an RBI Single), Vladimir Guerrero hits an RBI Double, Darren O'Day and Darren Oliver pitch a scoreless 8th inning, all helping the Rangers secure the Game 1 victory.

Seattle send-off Cliff Lee struck out 10 Rays, and Nelson Cruz added a solo-shot of his own. The Rangers looked GOOD. The Rays never looked like they even had a foot in the door. If they are going to play like this for 18 more innings, the Rangers will easily win their first postseason series in franchise history.

I thought the Rangers would take Game 1, but never in such a commanding fashion. If David Price can't slow down the Rangers potent lineup, the rest of the Rays staff doesn't stand a chance.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Angels Nation 2010 Postseason Preview

Just so we are all clear, Angels Nation is officially on the San Francisco Giants' and Texas Rangers' Bandwagons. If you are uncomfortable with this, please note that the rest of the league is evil, and should be treated as such. The Yankees, Rays, Braves and Phillies all come from the super evil East Coast, not to mention the Rays play in Florida (Voted most evil state by committee of voters), the Twins and Reds, well, they arent evil, but they are the two worst teams in the playoffs (fact), and no one wants to bandwagon a loser.

Lets start with the matchups in the National League:

Giants vs. Braves - Bobby Cox's last season as a manager, nothing would be a more fitting send off than a World.... boo hoo hoozle. Go cry about the loss of your manager some more Braves Fans. Oh wait, the Braves fans don't even like the Braves. The are probably all bandwagoning the Rays right now, considering they have a better shot at postseason glory. The Giants, on the other hand, have one of the best starting 4's in Baseball, Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Zito. They also have Buster Posey, who is maybe the greatest rookie catcher of all time.
Prediction: Giants in 4

Phillies vs. Reds - Lets get things straight, I dont like the Phillies, but I'll be damned if they dont have the best team in the playoffs. The hitting is amazing, the pitching is out of this world, and they have a coach who has taken this team to the World Series the past two years. I like the story of the Reds, but they dont have the pitching to keep up with the Phils.
Prediction: Phillies in 3

American League:

Rangers vs. Rays - I don't totally hate the Rays, but their unfortunate affiliation with the state of Florida, not to mention their lack of fans with enough income to actually attend their home games, makes me like them very little. Rangers have taken the last month and a half off. They should be the most rested team in baseball right now (the Reds might be just as rested, but they have a crappy team, so...), not to mention they have Cliff Lee, who was really the only bump in the Yankees road to glory last season. Sure, they have to get through a tough Rays team who won the best division in baseball, but they dont have enough starting pitching to keep up with the Rangers.
Prediction: Rangers in 5

Yankees vs. Twins - No Morneau, Mauer isn't at 100%, their best pitcher is probably Carl Pavano, oh, and they have Brian Fuentes. How on earth did the Twins get this far?
Prediction: Yankees in 3


Angels Nation will continue to be your source for biting 2010 MLB Postseason coverage well into November (because that's when Game's 5-7 of the World Series will be, for some dumbass reason), then, we wont have anything to talk about for a while, except the hyjinks of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney (and all their Kardashian pals!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Angels End 2010 Campaign with a W.

In what was likely his final game as an Angel, Hideki Matsui hit a homerun, part of 6 runs that helped propel the Angels past the Rangers for their 80th win of the season. It was his 21st of the season, and his 83rd and 84th RBI's on the season. Sure, those are slightly down from his season last year which culminated in a World Series MVP award, but much better than I would have thought back in May, when he was struggling at the plate and losing AB's to Juan Rivera.

Mark Trumbo finally got his first big league hit yesterday on an RBI-Single. Its highly unlikely he will start the season anywhere but Salt Lake, but the the kind of promise he showed (even going hit-less until yesterday), I doubt he will stay there long.

Dan Haren got his 12th win of the season yesterday, and his 5th as an Angel. In his 14 games as an Angel, Haren posted a 2.87 ERA, going 5-4 with 75 K's to just 25 Walks. His strikeout pace fell a bit, but he continued to get guys out and put the Angels in a position to win.

It was a competitive weekend series with the Rangers, and the Angels were able to hold their own with the West Champs (who begin their Postseason run in Tampa on Wednesday, which we will cover more tomorrow.) As a fan, I'm looking forward to 2011. With Kendry Morales back in the lineup, and a sturdier Bullpen, the Angels could make a deep October run.