Monday, October 11, 2010

At Least We Aren't The Ducks...

The Angels could have it worse. They could have played 2010 like the 2010-11 Ducks.

Through three games, the Ducks have been outscored 13-2. 4-0 loss to the Red Wings, 4-1 loss to the Predators, and a 5-1 loss today against the Blues in St. Louis.

The defense is horrendous (outside of the surprising play of 18-year-old rookie, Cam Fowler), the "scoring line" of Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan has zero points, and while Jonas Hiller is still one of the best goaltenders in the NHL, there is only so much he can do when no one else on his team can play decent hockey.

They have had their moments. There were times in Nashville against the Predators that it looked like they could jump out to an early lead, or even win the game. But 3 2nd period goals surrendered and a number of hit goal-posts ended all hope of a victory.

I know its impossible to write off this season with 79 games still left to play, but if the Ducks find themselves 5 or more games into the season without a point (much less a win), its going to be very hard for them to recover.

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