Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its Just The Yankees Being The Yankees...

The Rangers had a 5-0 lead on the Yankees. Then a 5-1 lead. Then 5-2. Then 5-4. Then it was tied, 5-5. Then the Rangers had lost the lead, and eventually the game.

Spearheaded by a 5-run 8th Inning, the Yankees did what the Yankees always do, find a way to win in October. The Rangers used five different pitchers in that 8th inning, none of them able to stop the bleeding until it was far too late. Kerry Wood and Mariano Rivera then came in and shut the door. Before you knew it, the State of Texas had gone from jubilant to shell-shocked. Once again unable to beat the Mighty Yankees in the playoffs.

Some people could blame the wonky strike-zone the home plate umpire had, some could blame the over-managing on the part of Ron Washington. In all honesty, you cant really blame anyone. The Yankees have the payroll and the history, especially against the Rangers. You thought the 8 game winning streak vs. the Twins was impressive? The Yankees have now won 10 straight in the playoffs against the Rangers, and are 10-1 all time.

Angels fans can certainly sympathize. For the better part of two decades, the Boston Red Sox had been our impassable object from the East. Trust me when I tell you, Rangers fans, all this abuse makes the moment you get past your Achilles heel so much sweeter. When the Angels came back last year to beat the Red Sox in Game 3 of the ALDS, it almost felt as good as Darin Erstad catching the final out of the World Series.

Colby Lewis takes the slab for the Rangers today against Phil Hughes of the Yankees. Good luck, Texas, you will need it.

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