Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Night, Sweet Prince.

2,504 Wins, 15 Division Titles, 5 NL Pennants, 1 World Series Title, 4 Manager of the Year Awards, 158 Ejections.

These are just the surface of the impressive resume of now former Braves skipper, Bobby Cox. The Braves lost to the Giants last night, 3-2, and lost the series, 3-1. With the Braves now out of the playoffs, Bobby Cox is off to a very happy retirement.

Perhaps the finest NL manager of my lifetime, Bobby Cox led the Braves to 14 straight division titles in the 90's and 00's. Granted, that only led to one World Series championship, it was still an impressive feat that will likely never be copied.

Maybe my favorite part of Bobby Cox's legacy will be his 158 ejections (also 3 postseason ejections, bringing the total up to 161). You could argue that someone who managed as long as Cox would be a shoo-in for a record like that, but Cox has such a fiery demeanor, it was usually must-see television whenever he went out and argued a call.

Something you might not know about Bobby Cox, is that before he was the manager of the Braves, he was their General Manager, and drafted Chipper Jones with the first overall pick in the 1990 draft. He is a good baseball mind, and will be missed across the league (except maybe by Mets fans).


Oh, and not to gloat or anything, but if the Rangers win tonight, my First Round predictions for the playoffs will be 100% accurate. Yankees and Phils won in 3, Giants won in 4 and the Rangers will have won in 5. I'm a genius, someone get me to Vegas, stat!

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