Thursday, May 19, 2011

Totally Unwatchable

There are D&D nerds that have scored more than the Angels over the last couple days, and the offensive impotence jokes could continue, but in reality, the Halos have been outscored 17-0 since Tuesday Morning. Simply pathetic.

I wish I could say I've watched more than 5 innings of Angels Baseball over the last few days, but on this most recent losing streak, the Angels are just so miserable, they are impossible to watch for longer than a couple innings.

I'm not going to sit here and try to make excuses, or attempt to resolve these issues with a trade or signing that will never happen. I'm just making a plea to my beloved Angels:

Dear Angels Baseball,

Please stop sucking, and if you are going to lose, at least score some runs.

-Angels Nation

(PS: David Wright wouldn't hurt)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou Kendrys?

Almost 12 Months since his horrific injury celebrating a walk-off win against Seattle, Kendrys Morales received a grim bit of news. He won't be back for the 2011 season, and some are speculating he won't ever be back.

As it stands, the Angels are still 1.5 games ahead of Oakland and Texas for first place in the AL West, a division that looks far more winnable than it did a month ago when Texas started the season 9-1. Even more promising for the Halos is the surprisingly good play of youngsters Mark Trumbo and Hank Conger. Trumbo got the nod after spring training when the Angels learned Kendrys wouldn't be ready for Opening Day. Many thought he'd get a nice month/month and a half in the bigs before being sent back down to Salt Lake in favor of Morales.

Now, it would seem, that Trumbo is going to get to continue this audition for the rest of the season, and continue his Rookie of the Year campaign. Trumbo already leads AL rookie hitters in Hits, Home Runs, Doubles, RBI's and, wait for it, Stolen Bases! Granted, he also has 20 more AB's than the next closest rookie (Toronto's JP Arencibia), but his numbers speak for themselves. He is also second in Batting Average behind teammate Hank Conger.

If things don't work out for Kendrys, the Angels community will be upset, and it will be sad. This poor guy comes from Cuba just to play baseball (and for freedom, I suppose), and when things finally start to go his way, his career is cut short on a freak accident. But as an organization, the Angels will continue to stand strong, and that really is a testament to how amazingly well built an organization this is. Already this season, guys like Aybar, Morales, Kazmir, Pineiro, Downs, Izturis, Wells and Willits have all missed some time, but the Angels have prospered, and find themselves in the drivers seat of the American League West once again. Its a great season to be an Angels fan, Kendrys or no Kendrys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

So... are you proud of yourselves? Vernon Wells is on the DL with a groin pull. Many Angels "fans" had jumped all over Wells' slow start, wanting him to be taken out of the lineup. I ask you this: For what?

You want an infielder who has practiced all of 3 times at playing the outfield (Alexi Amarista)? or a guy playing so old, he refuses to swing the bat (Bobby Abreu)? Or, do you want another Peter Bourjos, only without the pop in the bat and who has lost a step (Reggie Willits)? Well, thats what you've got. Congrats. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

I'm not Vernon Wells' biggest fan, but at the same time, he is trying to prove his worth for a new club where he was already disliked because of his contract and who we traded to get that contract. Well, Vernon Wells is more than a big contract, he was one of the most consistent hitters of the last decade in Toronto. He had a slow couple of years after signing his big contract, but started to turn it around last year, making his first All-Star Team since 2006. He was finally starting to turn his Angels Career around (hitting 3 HR in the last 8 games, and bringing in all 3 of the Angels runs on Saturday's loss to the Indians), but it still wasn't good enough for the Wells Nay-Sayers, and now they have gotten their wish, and Wells is out of the lineup. But at what cost?

Between Abreu, Amarista and Willits, whomever Scioscia decides to go with over the next two weeks, none of those are going to have the same impact in the lineup as Wells would have. No one has the same potential to put runs on the board with one swing. No one brings the same solidity to Left Field, a position that has long been a troublesome spot for the Halos. I just hope the Angels can manage to win 8 of their next 15, but its going to be tough without Wells around, regardless of how well our Pitchers pitch.

Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 is a Magic Number

Mike Scioscia has already done more for the Angels than all other Managers in Angels History combined. 5 Division Titles, An American League Pennant and, most importantly, a World Series Title. Not to mention he has made the Angels a competitive team for almost an entire decade. Yesterday, The Angels had not one, but TWO comebacks to clinch Scioscia's 1000th career win, all with the Halos.

Scioscia has pretty much confirmed that he will have his number retired, a street named after him in Anaheim and, should he continue on this career path, a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. If nothing else, he will live on forever for the amazing faces he makes whenever the Angels screw up or the Umps botch a call. Now that Joe Torre has retired, I'd argue that Scioscia is the best manager in the bigs right now. I know Tony La Russa is still in the league, but I'd argue he was never that great.


Now its time for me to beg something of you, Angels Fans. Now that the Lakers, Kings and Ducks are done, and we all hate The Dodgers, its time to shift 100% of your sports focus on our beloved baseball team. Buy hats, buy jerseys, buy shirts, and most importantly, buy tickets to the games. Considering the great ticket deals and the sweet floppy sun hats for Mothers Day, the fact that yesterday's game didn't sell out is a little disappointing.

Lets sell out games, lets put our money were our mouths are and support this team. Is it the best team in baseball? No, but they are the best shot for the LA Area to win a Championship this year. They are a really likable group of guys who aren't the best at what they do, but they do it well enough to win more games than they lose, and they are a solid 2 games ahead of Oakland and Texas in first place. Put your support and love into this team, and I promise you will be rewarded for your time.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Curse of Jeff Mathis

A long time ago, on a baseball field far, far away (in Texas), a young man was being groomed. Being groomed to be the best, and to save a franchise.

Not many know what happened, but on a dark night in late 2009, after the dust had settled on a long postseason battle with the Yankees, Jeff Mathis turned. After being a hero in a losing effort, Mathis went mad. He alienated himself with his friends, teammates and mentors.

His mood changed, he went from a bright and sunny disposition to becoming of the most dark and brooding players in the league. He eventually slayed his best friend, a young warrior named Mike Napoli... leaving him for dead before he was allowed to flee for Canada.

Mathis came to destroy what he once loved, which was Angels Baseball and all it stood for. Mathis had defected to the dark side underneath the all-seeing eyes of Manager Mike Scioscia. He was filled with hate and darkness, spreading his piss-poor play to his teammates.

This is where our story comes, to the present day. With Jeff Mathis under the spell of the Dark Side, will our longtime leader Mike Scioscia and Angels Baseball's newest hope, Hank Conger, be able to thwart the plans of the evil Mathis before its too late? Or will Angels Baseball succumb to the dark side (and 4th Place)? Only time will tell. Stay tuned, baseball fans.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Wonned!

Bobby Abreu was told moments before his 13th Inning AB that the All-You-Can-Eat Breakfest Buffet at the team hotel only ran until 9:30am, and that the game needed to end soon if they wanted to actually make it back in time.

In a game that seem like it took half a day to complete, the Angels finally overcame the unstoppable beast that was the 2011 Boston Red Sox (who still aren't a .500 team). It was maybe the most gratifying game of the season, in that we actually felt like we were in a good position to win the game for most of the evening, then actually did. Also, beating Boston is ALWAYS sweet, even if we were 0-6 against them this year going into the game.

Oh, and Trevor Bell looks like the real deal. Without him, this game would have been lost hours ago, and we would all be going to bed very depressed right now.

I'm also officially lifting the household ban on Boston Sports being on our TV at home. Good news, because the Bruins are about to make the Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL Playoffs, and its always fun to watch the Celtics lose, especially to NBA Pariah, Lebron James.


Today's title was inspired by (read: ripped off from) one of my favorite blogs on the internet, I want to go to the zoo with roy halladay, a Philadelphia Phillies blog that is always filled with hilarity and half-assed photoshops. Even if you don't like the Phillies or the National League (who does? Honestly?), I implore you to check him out.