Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Wonned!

Bobby Abreu was told moments before his 13th Inning AB that the All-You-Can-Eat Breakfest Buffet at the team hotel only ran until 9:30am, and that the game needed to end soon if they wanted to actually make it back in time.

In a game that seem like it took half a day to complete, the Angels finally overcame the unstoppable beast that was the 2011 Boston Red Sox (who still aren't a .500 team). It was maybe the most gratifying game of the season, in that we actually felt like we were in a good position to win the game for most of the evening, then actually did. Also, beating Boston is ALWAYS sweet, even if we were 0-6 against them this year going into the game.

Oh, and Trevor Bell looks like the real deal. Without him, this game would have been lost hours ago, and we would all be going to bed very depressed right now.

I'm also officially lifting the household ban on Boston Sports being on our TV at home. Good news, because the Bruins are about to make the Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL Playoffs, and its always fun to watch the Celtics lose, especially to NBA Pariah, Lebron James.


Today's title was inspired by (read: ripped off from) one of my favorite blogs on the internet, I want to go to the zoo with roy halladay, a Philadelphia Phillies blog that is always filled with hilarity and half-assed photoshops. Even if you don't like the Phillies or the National League (who does? Honestly?), I implore you to check him out.

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