Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

So... are you proud of yourselves? Vernon Wells is on the DL with a groin pull. Many Angels "fans" had jumped all over Wells' slow start, wanting him to be taken out of the lineup. I ask you this: For what?

You want an infielder who has practiced all of 3 times at playing the outfield (Alexi Amarista)? or a guy playing so old, he refuses to swing the bat (Bobby Abreu)? Or, do you want another Peter Bourjos, only without the pop in the bat and who has lost a step (Reggie Willits)? Well, thats what you've got. Congrats. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

I'm not Vernon Wells' biggest fan, but at the same time, he is trying to prove his worth for a new club where he was already disliked because of his contract and who we traded to get that contract. Well, Vernon Wells is more than a big contract, he was one of the most consistent hitters of the last decade in Toronto. He had a slow couple of years after signing his big contract, but started to turn it around last year, making his first All-Star Team since 2006. He was finally starting to turn his Angels Career around (hitting 3 HR in the last 8 games, and bringing in all 3 of the Angels runs on Saturday's loss to the Indians), but it still wasn't good enough for the Wells Nay-Sayers, and now they have gotten their wish, and Wells is out of the lineup. But at what cost?

Between Abreu, Amarista and Willits, whomever Scioscia decides to go with over the next two weeks, none of those are going to have the same impact in the lineup as Wells would have. No one has the same potential to put runs on the board with one swing. No one brings the same solidity to Left Field, a position that has long been a troublesome spot for the Halos. I just hope the Angels can manage to win 8 of their next 15, but its going to be tough without Wells around, regardless of how well our Pitchers pitch.

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