Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 is a Magic Number

Mike Scioscia has already done more for the Angels than all other Managers in Angels History combined. 5 Division Titles, An American League Pennant and, most importantly, a World Series Title. Not to mention he has made the Angels a competitive team for almost an entire decade. Yesterday, The Angels had not one, but TWO comebacks to clinch Scioscia's 1000th career win, all with the Halos.

Scioscia has pretty much confirmed that he will have his number retired, a street named after him in Anaheim and, should he continue on this career path, a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. If nothing else, he will live on forever for the amazing faces he makes whenever the Angels screw up or the Umps botch a call. Now that Joe Torre has retired, I'd argue that Scioscia is the best manager in the bigs right now. I know Tony La Russa is still in the league, but I'd argue he was never that great.


Now its time for me to beg something of you, Angels Fans. Now that the Lakers, Kings and Ducks are done, and we all hate The Dodgers, its time to shift 100% of your sports focus on our beloved baseball team. Buy hats, buy jerseys, buy shirts, and most importantly, buy tickets to the games. Considering the great ticket deals and the sweet floppy sun hats for Mothers Day, the fact that yesterday's game didn't sell out is a little disappointing.

Lets sell out games, lets put our money were our mouths are and support this team. Is it the best team in baseball? No, but they are the best shot for the LA Area to win a Championship this year. They are a really likable group of guys who aren't the best at what they do, but they do it well enough to win more games than they lose, and they are a solid 2 games ahead of Oakland and Texas in first place. Put your support and love into this team, and I promise you will be rewarded for your time.

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  1. It's amazing how great you can appear to be when you have Dave Duncan converting slop-throwing righties into aces. I mean, Joel Piñeiro was 21-35 with a 5.60 ERA his last three years in Seattle, but after a brief and largely unsuccessful stint in Boston, he reinvented himself in St. Louis, posting a 28-23, 4.14 ERA record. Piñeiro is hardly the first such case, though he is the most notable for Angels fans ...