Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lebron Apologists: "Best 0-1 Team EVER."

I'm not a big Basketball fan to begin with, but this game was downright boring. The Heat fell behind early, and never really made it a game again. They scored a total of 9 points in the first quarter, and never fully recovered.

Cleveland Pariah Lebron James scored 31 points in the losing effort, but the "Big 3" went 17-48 with 52 points. Chris Bosh was especially disappointing (other than his amazing ability to look like a Brachiosaurus), only scoring 8 points in 38 minutes.

I want to say that this team will get better with time, but it really looks like they have a long couple of months ahead of them before they get their feet under them. I still think they win the East, but they wont be winning 73+ games. This year...

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