Friday, August 20, 2010

Eric Aybar, How I Loathe Thee.

I was reading the "Best Tools" report today, and Eric Aybar's name came up a number of times. Second Best Defensive SS? Third Best Infield Arm? Second Best Hit-and-Run "Artist"? Third Best Bunter?

I suppose someone who tries to bunt at least once an at-bat would have enough practice to make the top three.

Also, Second Best Defensive Shortstop?!?! Are they not aware he is 10th in the Major Leagues with 15 errors on the season? Not only that, there have been many balls this season that Aybar COULD have gotten to, he just didn't hustle to them. Not only that, he is 20th in the league in Double-Play's turned. I understand that's partially the pitchers problem for not getting ground ball outs, but even Ian Desmond (who plays for Washington and has 27 errors on the season) is 9th in the league!

Eric Aybar has the tools to be a fantastic big-league Shortstop, but it seems like he never has the drive.

Don't get me wrong, the kid plays with heart, but you almost never see him playing to his potential. He gets sloppy, lazy, or downright apathetic. Like I said earlier, he doesnt get to all the balls he should, or he gets impatient at the plate and base-paths. If Eric played to his potential, he could be a .300 hitter, get 30 steals and win the AL Gold Glove at shortstop, and likely be a perennial All-Star (especially once Jeter retires). Instead? He is hitting .265 with 18 steals (been caught 8 times) and has 15 errors.

If Aybar doesn't begin to turn his career around, it could all just be a colossal waste of an enormous talent. (I don't think there was enough hyperbole in that final sentence.)

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