Thursday, December 30, 2010

AngelsNation's Top 10 Sports Moments of 2010, Part 1.

First and foremost, we here at Angels Nation hope that you had a fantastic holiday season, and want everyone to have a safe New Year. I figured since the year that was 2010 ends tomorrow, should recap the 10 best sports moments of the year, as we saw them. Also, expect an even bigger extravaganza tomorrow, seeing as it will also be our 100th post.

10. Shaun White pulls off the Double McTwist 1260 at the Vancouver Olympics.
-It should be noted that I am no extreme sports fan... nor did I really understand what the move was before Shaun White pulled it off. All I know is that he had already won gold, but wanted to pull off this move so badly, he did it in his victory lap anyway. It was a great moment for Snowboarding, Shaun White, and America (a running theme, get ready for it).

9. Brett Favre throws interception, blows last chance at a Super Bowl.
-While everyone ended up being happy the Saints won the Super Bowl two weeks later, I still remember being bummed out that my last memory of Brett Favre was him throwing away the Vikings chances at being in the Super Bowl. Sadly, months later, I come to find out my last memories of him will be seeing his penis, then seeing him get smashed into what was basically frozen concrete in what will likely be his final game. Damn, and I thought that interception was bad.

8. USA Mens Hockey Team's run in the 2010 Winter Olympics.
-For weeks leading up to the event, everyone had picked Canada to meet Russia in the finals. Crosby vs. Ovechkin, etc... Most experts (read: Canadians) picked the USA team to finish between 4th and 10th. Thats right, tenth. Well, not only did we pick up a hard fought win over those damn Canucks in the qualifying stage... we gave them a run for their money in the Gold Medal game, including a goal with 25 seconds left in the game to send the game to overtime (where pretty-boy Sidney Crosby won the game, but who remembers that?!).

7. Howie Kendricks Walk-Off Bunt
-It was the beginning of an era. After that Bunt, began. Truthfully, it was entirely by coincidence that the two events coincided. I would have began to write that day if the Angels won or lost. It still remains the greatest Angels Victory of 2010. It's refreshing to remember a time when we still had hope as a franchise. Now, we are just hoping for Adrian Beltre and Scott Podsednik. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

6. Robert Green hands USA the tie in World Cup Match vs. England.
-At one moment, the United States and England couldn't have been in more different moods. The USA having just scored on a harmless shot, mishandled by English goalkeeper Robert Green. I'm almost positive 90% of English people polled that day would have wanted him hanged (they still do that in England, right?). It was perhaps the most important goal scored in US Soccer History to that point (I have a feeling another goal will pop up on this list...).

What'd I tell you? This list is America heavy. What can I say? We are better at non-American sports than we should be. USA! USA! USA!

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