Monday, February 28, 2011

Its Going to be a Long Season

That is, if what is going on RIGHT NOW in Spring Training games is any indication. In the Angels Cactus League match with the A's, Jeff Mathis just grounded out to the Shortstop and Mike Napoli hit a 3 Run Homer for Texas against the Royals. I expect this to be the norm for the remainder of the season. By getting to play everyday, Napoli will put up something along the lines of .270, 30 Homers and 80 RBI's, while Jeff Mathis will do something in the range of .230, 5 Homers and 35 RBI's. While Jeff Mathis will probably play more sound defense and have a shot at a gold glove, but that difference in production will likely hinder the team more than Mathis' Defensive Output will help it.

I'm happy to have Jeff Mathis on my team, he is a cool guy, and there is nothing wrong with him as a player, but its just tough to think that a team that already has its offensive struggles could have had a considerable upgrade at a position not normally known for its offensive output. Its going to be hard to do, but I'm still going to root for Napoli to have great season in Texas, and put up career highs. I'm just hoping Mathis can do the same.

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