Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Give The People What They Want: Rally Monkey Races

Did I just blow your mind?  I know I did.  Much like the popular sausage races in Milwaukee, and the president races in Washington, the Angels need to continue to capitalize on the Rally Monkey.

The idea came to me the other day while at the game, and the Monkey was being used improperly.  We were down 5 with no one on going into the 8th.  Hell, he was busted out in the 6th, which is far too early if you follow the Rally Monkey rules put in place way back in 2000 (no earlier than the seventh inning, at the start of an inning or during a pitching change, and only when the score is tied or the Angels trail by no more than four runs.)

So, if the Angels and its fans are going to continue to drive the Monkey into the ground, why not liven him up a little bit and have Rally Monkey races.  It will rejuvenate the Rally Monkey brand, and will be a far more entertaining mid-inning festivity than the pre-rendered Chevron Car races or tickets-in-a-box slight-of-hand videos.  You can sell t-shirts (for kids and adults) representing each of the participating Monkeys, you can sell stuffed versions of each of the participants, and if things really take off, a series of straight-to-dvd kids movies featuring the monkeys getting into crazy shenanigans.

You can have a few different monkeys and apes represented as dudes in costumes.  The Gorilla, the Orangutan, the Chimp, the Capuchin (the proper Rally Monkey) and a Baboon or something (kids will think the bright red ass will be hilarious, trust me).  In the middle of the 4th inning, you have them race down the third base line (they come out from the Angels dugout and leave through the tunnel next to the bullpens), and everyone goes nuts for those 45 seconds, cheering on their favorite monkey.

I know we have a REALLY good product on the field this year with our Angels, and that isn't really the time you come up with silly stuff like this to bring people out to the park, but this is a free idea Arte.... just go with it.

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