Monday, May 21, 2012

Trout Begins Takeover of OC

It was only a matter of time before this kid took over the southland.  He already has more home runs than Pujols, more steals than Bourjos, and a higher average than anyone on the team (if he qualified, he'd be tied for the 5th highest average in the majors).

Since joining the team on April 28th, Mike Trout has helped the Angels to a 12-10 record.  It might not sound like much (and before the weekend collapse in San Diego, it was a far more impressive 12-8), but when you consider how this team started B.T.* (6-14, tied for the worst start in franchise history), its quite an improvement.

What really counts is that he is playing at his best when this team needs him the most.  The Angels are still 18-24, and after the rough weekend, are back in the cellar in the AL West.  This week could prove fruitful, as the next 7 games are against the A's and Mariners... so this could be the perfect opportunity to flirt with .500 before the Yankees come into town.


I told you guys about Amarista... it was a mistake to let him go, even though Ernesto Frieri is a great arm for our bullpen, Ammy is going to be that little Mr. Everything for the Padres.  He almost single-handedly beat us on Saturday, then continued to play tough on Sunday.  I'd much rather have him coming off the bench than Macier Izturis.  I like Izzy as much as the next guy, but his production has almost fallen off the map the last couple seasons.


* - B.T. = Before Trout.  B.T. and A.T. (After Trout) are how Angels Nation will be referring to the stages of the 2012 Angels campaign.

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