Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Most Perfect Bunt I've Ever Seen.

Hello, and Welcome to Angels Nation. I love baseball. I love baseball more than my cat, more than my car, and almost as much as my girlfriend. While this will blog will mostly include news and thoughts on the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim), I'm also going to try and cover all 30 teams, at some point or another. Anyway, with that lame introduction out of the way, lets go over that fantastic game I just watched.

Jake Westbrook was dealing today. It looked like the Angels were well on their way towards another loss versus a lesser opponent from the AL Central. Then Torii Hunter turned the game around by completely obliterating a ball over the wall. The Angels finally got solid pitching from their bullpen, and Howie (the OTHER Howard) Kendrick bunted home the winning run in the bottom of the 9th. All-and-all, a great victory.

And it really could not have come at a better time, after a travel day tomorrow, the Angels play three in Detroit, fly to Boston (no off day) to play four against the rival Sox, then fly to Seattle (again, no off day) to close out the road trip with a three game set against the M's.

A huge 10 game road trip at the beginning of the season, with tons of air travel time, and no real travel days in between. That seems fair, sure. I think if the Angels can escape this trip with a 5-5 record, it can be called a success.

As far as my observations from todays game, I just jotted down a few things.

-Ryan Budde looked decent, but not that good. I hope Mathis recovers quicker than they are expecting.
-Jake Westbrook really hasnt been a relevant pitcher for 5 or 6 years, why did the Angels have such fits trying hit him early today? Dont blame the shadows, you are professionals, thats not a decent excuse anymore.
-Why is Mark Gubicza more tan than Victor Rojas now?

Regardless, it was another victory, Santana looked good, and so did the bullpen. I'm hopeful for a successful road-trip.

Angels Record: 12-11
My outlook: Optimistic

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