Friday, April 30, 2010

We suck again....

Now, before I chicken-little all over this blog. Many things were good today. Matt Palmer, Morales started hitting again, Hunter hits ANOTHER three-run bomb.

However, the million run 4th inning for the Tigers (I might be exaggerating that number a bit) TOTALLY killed us today. It seems like Pineiro isn't going to be this amazing savior of a pitcher, but someone who will be incredibly streaky.

He should fit in pretty well with the rest of the rotation.

Matt Palmer is my early candidate for the Nick Adenhart Award. He has come in and kept the team in the game during some pretty dire situations.

All that being said, this is going to be a LONG season. However, if the Rangers can beat the M's tonight (its currently tied, but Cliff Lee is dealing), all four teams in the American League West will be tied for first place.

Thats right, we will have played a months worth of baseball, and we will back to where we all started. Fantastic.

Record: 12-12
Outlook: The Sky is Falling, sort of.

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  1. eh, they always suck at the beginning of the season... so yes, "we suck again" is completely appropriate.