Monday, November 15, 2010

Slow News Month...

Yeah, I could have talked about the Gold Gloves or the Silver Sluggers, but an Angel didn't win either of those (nor did they really deserve to). I could also go in depth on the Rookie of the Year award, which is about to be announced, but again, no Angels rookies are really in the running, nor should they be (Paul McAnulty was THAT close).

The Free Agency period is already (kind of) here, but most moves wont start happening for a few weeks. The GM meetings are tomorrow and Wednesday, but most of what happens there will be build-up towards the Owners meetings from December 6th-9th. Thats when the Hot Stove really starts to heat up (ugh, what a cliched phrase, shoot me now).

Regardless, when any news breaks about the Angels, or any Angels players (aka former Angels players, aka hopefully Bobby Abreu), I'll post it here about 3 hours after I heard about it on twitter!

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