Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Only The Losers.

I almost feel bad for Rangers Fans... almost.

They have had to endure one thing the Angels never have.

We have both shared the 40+ years of play without a postseason series win, or a world series appearance, but now, the Rangers have the ultimate shame. A feeling that now only the Rockies, Rays, Padres (Twice!) and Astros understand. Having made it to a World Series, only to end it without a victory. No champagne (or Ginger Ale for Hamilton), no banners, no streamers, no roaring crowd. Just that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach that you were so close, but couldnt get the job done.

I think the Rangers will get back here in the near future, maybe not next year (because Torii, Carl and the crew are going to take us back to the promised land in 2011), but soon. They have a great core of young, home grown talent in guys like Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz and Colby Lewis, to name just a few. Also, rumors are going around that unless the Yankees absolutely overpay for Cliff Lee by an astronomical amount, the Cy Young Winner will stay in Texas.

Today starts a very interesting Hot Stove Season to say the least. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'll go over the big free agents and who I think will be switching uniforms in the next 4 months before Pitchers and Catchers report.

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