Friday, March 25, 2011

Kazmir in Possession of Scandalous Moreno Photos

At this point, that's the only logical explanation as to why Kaz is still on the team, let alone being allowed to start games. After his 10 Run outing yesterday, many thought an announcement should be coming down the pipeline, and it would be the Angels either letting Kazmir go, or simply moving him to the pen. Granted, the Angels are fairly thin at Starting Rotation guys right now. Those that are in the minors are either not Major League material, or not really ready to start in the big leagues. Does that mean we are stuck with Kazmir? Not necessarily.

I've been making the case for Matt Palmer to take over all day on Twitter to mixed results. Some are thrilled with the idea, especially if its just a temporary solution while the team seeks another option (either via trade or free agency). I for one wouldn't mind seeing Matt Palmer toeing the slab every 5 or 6 days, especially against other 5th starters in the American League. Palmer, in 167 Innings Pitcher for his career, has a 4.40 ERA, a 1.48 WHIP and a record of 12-6. Not miserable numbers, unlike what you'd be getting from Mr. Kazmir.

I'm all for giving guys second chances, like Brandon Wood, but what I've seen from Kaz for the last 20 months is pretty awful. He wasn't bad in 2009 in a few starts at the end of the season, but he wasn't the difference maker we thought he would be. Then in 2010 he has a historically bad season, and this spring he looks like someone who should ever see a Major League field again (expect maybe in a Pirates uniform).

I hope the Angels can put together good scoring tears during Kazmir's starts, because thats the only way we are going to be able to win those games. That, and some dumb luck.


Former Angel and Legendary Humanitarian (I may have made that up) Kevin Frandsen was released by the Padres today. I think I speak for most Angels fans when I say I hope to see him spring up somewhere else in the league really soon (except maybe in a Pirates uniform).


  1. Only probably with a fifth starter is there's that off chance he goes up against an ace.

  2. This is it, the only possible explanation. Excellent reporting, JT! I am with you regarding Matt Palmer. Early 2010 was the only time I cringed when he came to the mound and it turns out that was injury related and he looks like he's recovered in spades.

    Poor Frannie. No respect. I really liked the guy. He's not an everyday starter, that's for sure, but there has to be room on some team somewhere for a hard worker who's more than decent at any infield position a utility role might require of him. That and he just seems like a good guy.