Friday, July 8, 2011

Have You Seen This Blog?

If seen, please contact Mike. Will respond to "Angels Nation" or "Bloggy".

So... yeah... its been a while. I suppose if it were the offseason, I'd have a decent excuse for my two month hiatus, but its not, and I don't. I'd like to say I was off finishing up a college career, or fighting fires, or some other respectable reason to ignore my baby for 60 days, but I really don't. I have spent my time watching (and catching up on) Doctor Who and playing far too much Call of Duty.

While I've been gone, the Angels, oddly, have not only kept playing, but been playing well. I have been keeping track of the goings on (Russell Branyon, wtf?), and watching their climb up the West standings, but I have only actually watched a few games (maybe one a week?).

I've been thinking about writing again while this place collected dust, and when I came back to it today, I found it to be very ugly. Its no ones fault but my own... who on earth thinks a red and egg shell color scheme looks good? Anyway, I had been thinking about coming back to write, and finally a flurry of awesome enough things happened to where I can form a decent post and give you guys something to sink your teeth into.

1. Jered Weaver is Jered Weaver again. I know he wanted to take May off, so he swapped bodies with his brother Jeff. So while Jeff was trying to figure out big league hitters again, Jered was surfing and getting high (the only two things a guy who looks like that could possibly do with his free time). But since they swapped back in early June, Weaver found his stuff again and is making his bid to be the Starter for the AL in the All-Star Game. I hope this continues all the way to a Cy Young push... because if our most recent Cy Young winner remains Bartolo Colon for much longer, I'm defecting to basketball.

2. Jordan Walden backed into the All-Star Game. So what if the best Closer of all time had to get a bum arm in the first week of July for my boy Jordan to sneak into the All-Star Game? I'll take it, and I'm sure he will too. Remember when we thought Fernando Rodney was going to be our closer for at least the first half of the season? What a difference 4 months makes.

3. Mike Trout makes his Angels Debut tonight! Thats right, our uber-prospect Mike Trout makes his Major League debut tonight, well, hopefully. He is on the team, he has a number, and god-willing, he will be in the starting lineup. Its a shame it took a pulled hamstring from Peter Bourjos to get it done, but I'm still thrilled I'll finally get to watch this young man play.

So does this mean I'll be back to writing every day? Probably not. That stuff burnt me out by May, so its pretty clear that won't be happening again, but its pretty clear from the essay I've just written that my writers block is gone, which is nice. I'll probably do a semi-live blog for the All-Star Game again, but I regret that I'll be at work for the Home Run Derby. It's a shame, I could've used a mid-afternoon nap.

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