Monday, June 7, 2010

I Wish We Could Play Seattle All Year Long.

Its almost at the point where you feel bad for continuing to completely wipe them off the field, but hey, if this is how we need to win the West this year, I'm all for it.

Two games in a row, the M's starter kept them in the game just long enough for the crushing blow(s) given up by the the bullpen to sting that much harder.

I'm not quite sure who Shawn Kelley is, but I'd like for him to get traded to Texas by the next time we play them.

The Angels are in Oakland tonight to begin a four game set against the A's. Last time we played the A's (at home), we played them like they were the Mariners, but they are a better team than that. I'm not thinking home field will be much of an advantage (getting those 12 people behind you for 9 innings can be tough), but they still have a great ballclub. This will be the Angels first true test without Kendry.

If the Angels can take 3 of 4 against the A's, I think its safe to assume that the Halos will be alright. I'd still like to see what they could do against someone like the Rays or Yankees, but we will just have to wait for that.


In case it wasn't clear in the last post, I'm not interested in picking up a replacement First Basemen in an "Emergency Trade". Napoli looked almost great at first on Saturday, and when he needs to catch, it looks like Robb Quinlan has finally found his stroke this season (It usually takes him till June, I dont know what everyone was so worried about). Not to mention Kevin Frandsen, Michael Ryan, Brandon Wood (who, uhoh, is coming back soon), and Maicer Izturis could all play a few games at first. The Lineup is hitting just fine, and the defense at first doesn't need to be spectacular, just good enough for it not to cost us games.


Scott Kazmir is on the mound tonight. As an Angel fan, this trade has seen me do a complete 180. I was excited he was coming to the team, and his first half a season was pretty good, then he choked a couple playoff games. Now, he seems to have gotten into this funk where he seems far too content just to be the most average pitcher he could be. Two or three years ago in Tampa, Kazmir looked like a perennial Cy Young candidate, and we have gotten maybe 5 or 6 innings of THAT Kazmir this season.

I'd like to see him turn this around, but if he can't, it might be time to shelve him for a few weeks, and give someone like Trevor Bell a few spot starts.


Vote for the All-Star Game, Fools! Time is running out.

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