Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the New Joe, Same as the Old Joe.

Let me clear up that title a bit. By "Old Joe", I mean the Joe we got to know very well at the beginning of this season. He is fine, up to the point when he starts giving up hits and runs, then the flood-gates open.

The Angels should consider just not showing up to games in which Saunders starts. Just him on the mound, with, lets say, Brandon Wood behind the plate.

Granted, the Offense didn't show up yesterday, but when you are down 8-0 by the time your second at bat comes, there isnt much to play for at that point. Just chalk it up as a loss, considering almost 100 games remain in the season, you can make it up.

The problem with that train of thought seems to be that the Rangers refuse to stop beating the lowly opponents they get to face over the last few weeks (and the next couple of weeks). The Scheduling gods frowned upon the Angels this season, but this is worse than I thought.

It seems though, that if the Angels can beat Texas head to head, the division should be theirs for the taking. Seems unlikely, however, considering how pedestrian they looked in a two game series in Texas late last month.

Lets just hope Vuvuzela night is around the corner, to put some butts in those seats.


In site news, I created a Facebook page today, to make it even easier for all 3 of you to follow me (hah, look at me, getting big headed, thinking I have 3 readers). I looked into a Twitter account, but AngelsNation was taken by someone who posted twice, like 3 years ago, thanks bro. For the time being, JTRoberts12 will be the official site twitter, till I need to create one for the site.

Also, I'm looking in to buying a domain, so its easier for the site to be found. AngelsNation.Net is available from godaddy for like... 7 bucks a year. Let me know what you think.


Stephen Strasburg continued his major league dominance with 10 strikeouts against the Tigers Saturday. Looks like drafting him at the beginning of the season was the smartest fantasy sports move I've ever made.


One more day to vote your favorite players into the All-Star Game. We are at the point where teams are only pushing for players with enough votes to even have a prayer. On the Angels, that's only Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Hideki Matsui. I think Hunter is a shoo-in, even if its not by votes, he should get in either way (sort of the city representative, and the game is in Anaheim this year). Matsui has a chance, considering the Japanese vote, and the New York vote (they sure as hell ain't voting for Nick Johnson). Weaver will probably get in, but Pitchers and Reserves are the choices of the Manager, who is Joe Girardi (another reason I think Matsui gets in). Morales would have made it, but instead decided to break his leg on home plate and take the rest of the season off (not a bad plan, if we continue to lose 12-1 to the lowly Cubs, I might follow suit).


In other sports news, Congratulations to the Lakers, on winning another NBA Title. I'm pretty sure between the Lakers and the Celtics, those two teams have about 95% of all NBA Titles (Jordan has the other 5%).

Also, in World Cup news (BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ), North Korea lost 7-0 to Portugal. North Korea already hired Chinese actors to portray their fans in their first match, maybe after losing that first match, the team was executed, and more Chinese actors were brought in to portray football players.

Also, a very belated congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup. Not my favorite team, but hey, at least it wasnt the Penguins again.

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