Friday, January 21, 2011

Vernon Wells = Mike Napoli?

Bad News Angels fans: Not only have the Halo's cut ties with the 2010 leader in Home Runs, but we have now associated ourselves with one of the worst contracts in Major League history. The terribly under-performing Vernon Wells is coming west to play for my beloved Angels, and I don't think I could be more unenthusiastic.

The Positive? He will bring solidity to a Left Field position that has been a crap shoot since Garret Anderson got old. He is a defensive AND offensive upgrade from Juan Rivera, but it comes at a (BIG) Price.

Not only are we going to have to suck up some of his $86 Million owed over the next 4 years, but we lost one of the best young catchers in baseball. Mike Napoli is headed to the great white north to play for the Jays.

The deal is official, and Vernon has waived his no-trade clause. He is currently in Anaheim for his physical, and once he passes that, the deal is done and the Angels have made one of the more mind-boggling moves in franchise history.


  1. It's not that bad if they get cash back in sand juan rivera to toronto to

  2. At least Napoli didn't go to Boston...if we can't have him, no team in America can! I'm back on the Blue Jay train with this one...