Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Game Hunter Sends Fans Home Happy

After two innings of leaving the bases loaded, and some questionable managerial decisions, the Angels finally win the game on a walk-off single by Torii Hunter. It was the home finale, and what a way to send off the 2010 home season. Sure, it wasn't a celebration of another western division title, but it was still one hell of a way to go out.

The Angels now find themselves 78-80, and in a one game lead for second place over the A's, whom they swept. The Angels start a four game set in Texas to finish the season tonight. If they can manage to win 3 of 4, they will be a .500 baseball club. If they can somehow sweep the Rangers, they will be a winning baseball team. Thats right, the 2010 Angels would have a winning record.

Its a little silly to get that far ahead of ourselves, but just finishing ahead of the A's would be nice, although they are playing an equally meaningless series against the last place Mariners. Regardless, it would be nice to see the Angels end the season strong, especially for the crop of young talent that have shined over the last month.


In Angels Nation news, we will be taking an announced hiatus (for a change), as I am getting married over the weekend. We will be back Monday, however, to recap the Rangers series, and take an in depth look at the 2010 Postseason.

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