Friday, September 17, 2010

Cleveland, Now 100% More Depressing.

Who thought that could even be possible?

Another loss to the last place Indians puts the Angels 11.5 games out in the West, and dwindles their elimination number down to 6. That means as soon as Sunday night, the Angels could be eliminated from postseason contention for the first time since 2006.

For all intents and purposes though, the season is over. Even if the Angels win the rest of their games, the Rangers still have 10 remaining games to win 6 more, and eliminate the Angels. Its not like its going to be difficult, either. All 10 are against either the A's or Mariners, including a 3-game set in Seattle starting tonight. With the Angels in Tampa for 3 against the first place Rays, its very likely the Angels season will be over Sunday night.

Personally, I wont be watching this weekends games. In fact, I probably wont watch another baseball game on TV until the playoffs begin in three weeks. The Angels have been hard to watch, even in victories, and my attention has shifted towards the NFL season, and the upcoming NHL season (Pre-season next week!)

However, that doesn't mean Angels Nation is dead for six months, no sir. Once the season is actually over (somewhere around October 4th) I'll do a 2010 season retrospective, along with the seasons best moments and an in-depth look at the season ahead. Not to mention 2010 Postseason and World Series coverage, and once we get into November, some of the most opinionated Hot Stove coverage on the internet!

I was thinking about using the slogan "Angels Nation: Where Angels Baseball is Always On", but I don't want to get sued by the MLB Network, so I've opted for the much more appropriate "Angels Nation: Carefully Documenting How The Angels Will Suck Next Year, Too"

Angels Elimination Number: 6
Carl Crawford Countdown: 86 Days.

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