Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, Fuentes, Now Its Personal....

Hey, look at that picture up there. Its a pretty rare one. Its Brian Fuentes throwing a pitch for his new team, the Minnesota Twins. Why is it rare, you ask? Well, he has only faced one batter since being traded for Andre the Giant a few weeks ago. Why is that? Well, because the no-good schmuck seems to have hurt his arm, something the Twins didn't know going into the trade (We're not that sorry).

Why am I being so outspokenly aggressive towards a player who cant suck for us anymore? Well, on a radio interview yesterday with Mason and Ireland on the local ESPNRadio affiliate, he trashed us, the Angels Fans (Note: I am currently unable to find any kind of article pertaining to the interview, but I will provide a link once one surfaces). He complained about us "booing him" last year, even though he lead the league in saves.

First off, buddy, the 2008-2009 Angels played in such a way that my sister could have lead the league in saves. Next, we didn't boo you because we didn't have anything better to do, we booed you because you sucked, and we all knew it. You were also third in the league in BLOWN saves.

Then, he gets on us about booing John Lackey (on his return trip with Boston) even though he was a major factor in the team winning the 2002 World Series. Well, I cant really argue that he helped us win the series, but he got booed because he badmouthed the fans after he left. A classless act.

His reasoning for the booing of himself and Lackey by the Angels faithful? "Thats the kind of fans they are".

You know, at first, I was just happy you are gone. Never around to walk 3 batters in the ninth inning, or grow creepy porn-'staches again. Now, I wish you the worst of luck. I wish your new team the worst of luck (acquiring your sorry ass was a good start). I hope Minnesota not only falls out of the playoffs, but I hope when (if) you come back this season, you have the most miserable final two weeks of the season, and you are pretty much forced out of the league.

Go White Sox!

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