Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remember Kids, It Could Be Worse...

You know... I almost feel bad for Dodger fans.

For the 8th or 9th time this decade, their season is mathematically over before the Angels' after losing the the Padres 6-0 last night. Not only that, but their fearless leader, Joe Torre, is leaving the team at season's end, to be replaced by Don Mattingly, who has already admitted he is going to be a terrible manager to start.

Not only that, but rumors are running around that Torre could just be leaving to go to a job in New York (to coach the Mets) or Chicago (to coach the Cubs). Thats right, someone would rather coach the Mets or the Cubs than your incredibly boring baseball team.

In addition, the McCourts, the family who owns the team, is currently going through a rough divorce trial, trying to decide who owns the team. This has put a hold on most money coming in or out of the team for a while, and has really crippled their ability to compete.

Oh, and Dodger Dogs taste like Rodent.


Angels Elimination Number: 4 (Still?)
Carl Crawford Countdown: 81 Days

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