Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The End of An Era

Brandon Wood, you had a bitter relationship with fans. For years, we all heard about how you were going to be the next big thing. You were going to be our A-Rod. Our Jeter. The comparisons were there. Your Talent was there. But for whatever reason, it never equaled big league production. We were patient, but soon our enthusiastic cheers turned to malcontent boos. We're sorry, we just expected A-Rod, and instead, we got what we thought was another Dallas McPherson.

In case you hadn't heard, Brandon Wood was designated for Assignment after the Angels 15-4 Win last night, to make room on the big league club for Erick Aybar. You may remember a few weeks ago, I made a bold prediction that Brandon Wood would have a bounce back year. Well, I never said it had to be with the Halos. No word yet if any teams have claimed the much maligned Shortstop, but its expected that someone will. If that is the case, I'll continue to follow this young man's career. I still expect good things, maybe not A-Rod Things, but he will be a solid Big League player for years to come.

We're Sorry, Brandon, at least... I'm sorry. Maybe if we had waited a little longer to turn those "You'll get 'em next time"'s into "Get off our team you bum!"'s, you would have had a better run here in Anaheim. Instead, you have been cast off into baseball purgatory, hoping to get snagged by another team for a change of scenery. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, and hope you can make an all-star team or two. Stick with it, Mr. Wood. You'll Get 'em Next Time!

Yours Truly,
- Angels Nation.


Another great Brandon Wood article from a friend of Angels Nation, True Grich:

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