Friday, April 29, 2011

Entire Nation Glued to Angels/Rays Rivalry

As most of the sports world is focused on the NFL Draft, any baseball fan worth anything has their tv time dedicated to the fierce rivalry between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Angels. Last time these two faced off, the tensions were high, and the Angels used their superior starting pitching to help lead them to a two-game sweep.

As many of you already know, this ferocious rivalry goes back to Tampa Bay's inception in 1998, when the Rays took up the Angels turf as the team with the silliest looking jerseys. Since then, the two have been in a heated battle for American League supremacy. Things got even more heated when former Angels bench coach Joe Maddon took the job as Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays.

2011 has been no exception, and the entire baseball world is enthralled with this weekends series between the two hated rivals. I mean, why else would MLB Schedule makers give the Angels 5 games in Tampa Bay before we even face Seattle once? We must be enormous rivals with deep-seeded hatred towards one another... right?

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