Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vernon Wells to the Rest of the League: "Playtime is Over"

No idea if he actually said this verbatim, but its essentially what he said with his bat last night, finally hitting his first home run of 2011 (and first as an Angel). If Wells can ride this good night into a hot streak, the Angels are going to be damn near unstoppable. As is stands, the Angels are 11-3 in their last 14 games, even though they are getting next to zero production from Abreu, Hunter and Wells, their 3, 4 and 5 hitters.

Jered Weaver looked as un-hittable as ever, pitching a complete game for his 5th win of the season, taking back first place on the Major League Strikeout Leader-board from The Freaky Franchise, Tim Lincecum.


Vin Scully is adorable. I was listening to the Dodgers game today and heard the following: "Nancy Bea Hefley serenading the crowd with 1940's music and believe me... what a relief from the music they normally play."

Dude is 83 years old, still doing what he loves, but you gotta feel for the guy. He has gone through such a culture shock the last 30 years or so. The way the players behave and ballpark etiquette have both changed so much. As much as it pains me to say this, I really hope the Dodgers can pull off another Championship before he passes, but with what is currently happening to ownership, that seems highly unlikely.


Angels start a 4-game series with the hated Boston Red Sox in Anaheim tonight. The probables tonight are Josh Beckett and Tyler Chatwood. If we get the Chatwood we got in Chicago, this should be a great game, if not, we could be in trouble.

Realistically, with the team playing like it is right now, winning 3 of 4 should be an easy task, but for the Angels, playing Boston is never easy. Should be a fun weekend, hope you can make it out to the Stadium!

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