Friday, April 22, 2011

Every Angels Article Ever

Print out this article and circle the correct options for whatever night you watched our beloved baseball team. (Note: Doesn't work during a win, but that shouldn't be much of a problem)

Well, it was a Tough/Miserable/Boring night for our Angels. Even though the dominance of Jered Weaver/Dan Haren/Peter Bourjos helped keep the Halos in the game, the ineptitude of Our Offense/Our Defense/Our Bullpen cost the Angels the victory.

Torii Hunter/Vernon Wells/Bobby Abreu looked tired last night, and looked like they were trying a bit too hard at the plate, and feels like their best days are behind them. But as usual, Erick Aybar/Jeff Mathis/Fernando Rodney just looked bad. If it wasn't for that Bad Call/Missed Tag/Big Error, the Angels might have had a chance to Keep it Tied/Keep it Close/Not Get Embarrassed by the Red Sox/Rangers/Royals.

On the brighter side of things, the promising play out of Mark Trumbo/Hank Conger/Jordan Walden gives us hope for the future, but the announcement of Kendrys Morales/Scott Downs/Joel Pineiro having their rehab delayed is a big blow to the team.

I'd like to say things look better going forward, but we've got another tough series against the Indians/Orioles/Yankees coming up. It really makes you wish we still had guys like Joe Saunders/Chone Figgins/Brandon Wood (haha, just kidding/I wish I was kidding/(look, more parenthesis!)).


(Please Note: the following epilogue only applies after the NBA Finals are over)

Congrats go out to the Los Angeles Lakers/Boston Celtics/Miami Heat for winning the 2010-11 NBA Championship. Kobe Bryant/Paul Pierce/Mike Miller had a great game 6/7/4 and won the Finals MVP.

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