Monday, May 3, 2010


Angel fans. Remember 2006? Its the only year since 2004 that we have not been a playoff team, and only the second since 2002. It was the year Tim Salmon retired, Adam Kennedy skipped town, and Shea Hillenbrand was the face of our nightmares. There was one main cause to our downfall that year. It was an abysmal May. Who do most Angel fans (including myself) blame for our terrible performance that spring? Jeff Weaver.

Don't worry, he isnt going to be an Angel again. But we once again have that "guy". The guy, who when he comes to the mound, you know he is going to give up a TON of runs, and we are going to lose the game, BADLY.

He has returned in a strange form. A form that used to symbolize hope for our young pitching staff. Joe Saunders.

Joe Saunders was arguably my favorite Angels starting pitcher from 2007 to last year, when
Jared Weaver became the dominant force that helped lead our staff. He always had good stuff, he knew how to pitch to contact, he could strike guys out, and he didnt walk many guys.

Now, he has turned to the dark side. He cant keep the ball in the park, he probably couldn't strike out other American League pitchers, and his walk total is higher than than Tim Lincecum in the offseason.

I dont know what happened, but I dont like it. I dont like any of it. That being said, I turned off todays game after Beltre's home run made it 11-4. It didnt get any better, apparently. I believe 17-8 was the final. Saunders is 1-5, Napoli still swings too much, and Aybar still sucks.

Is it too much to ask this Angel team to win against a team that got swept by the Orioles this weekend? With three more in Boston, then another three in Seattle (with NO travel day between, thanks MLB), remember how I said I'd be pleased if we escape the road trip with a 5-5 record? Well, we are already 0-4. I'm hoping that we can split with Boston and win two in Seattle. Will we? Doesn't look like it.

Thank god the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on right now. It gives me something to change the channel to when the Angels underperform. If you are curious, I'm just rooting for anyone but the Red Wings or Penguins right now. I'd prefer a Bruins-Canucks Finals (I hate those teams the least), but in general, I'm just hoping for good hockey. It looks like this Blackhawks-Canucks game is about to go into OT, thats some good hockey.

Angels Record: 12-15
Outlook: Ok, NOW the sky is falling.

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