Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to Replace the Left Side of the Infield.

And 80% of the Bullpen, 2/5ths of our rotation, and the hitting coach.

Brandon Wood does nothing but strikeout and not field well. Erick Aybar does nothing. Brian Stokes, Brian Fuentes, Kevin Jepsen, and Scot "LOL" Shields are all failures in the bullpen.

Joe Saunders and Scott Kazmir look lost on the mound, and I like Mickey Hatcher, but I'll be damned if our hitting is going to be this pedestrian all season long. Hitting was supposed to be our strong point coming into this season. The only offensive piece we lost that produced last season was Figgins, and he isn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard in Seattle. Our hitters are swinging too much, or at the wrong times. The swings look sloppy, and as Hunter said the other day, they are making anyone they face look like Cy Young.

Our terrible pitching is turning around the seasons of guys like Adrian Beltre, JD Drew, and Johnny Damon. Our terrible hitting is turning around the seasons of guys like Bonderman, Lackey and Dice-K.

I hope and pray that when the Angels travel to Seattle, one of the worst hitting teams in the league, the Hitters can scrap together enough runs, and the pitching can be enough to get us at least 2 or 3 wins on this, so far, MISERABLE road trip.

I turned off the game at 11-6. I cant imagine its going to get much better. I've already wasted 3 hours of my day on this awful performance. They arent getting any more from me.

- At least Jeremy Hermida still has that sweet chin beard. Looks good man.
- I'm happy for Mike Napoli, who finally broke his homer-less streak, but I still have to admit I'm excited for the eventual return of Jeff Mathis.
- Even Boston does the damn Wave? I thought they were REAL baseball fans...

Oh, and on a brighter note, I added a new site banner and my twitter feed. The twitter feed wont always be about baseball, but when I'm at the games, or the games just go too late for me to write a blog that day, it will be a good place to find my thoughts.

Angels Record: 12-18 (I assume)
Outlook: Mad. REAL MAD.

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