Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Hope The Angels Sign Him.

He could play third base.

Anyway, with the Angels finally getting an off day, I had time to watch the NBA playoffs. Boston and Cleveland were playing in Game 6 of their series, with Boston having a 3-2 series advantage, and they got to play Game 6 at home.

Sounds to me like they should have won... well, they did.

Cleveland even had a 3 point lead at one point, but they just never looked like they had the drive to win. So they didn't.

I really dont know what to say here. I only watch like... 5 basketball games a year. Even so, I could tell Cleveland didn't have "it" or even really care.

Lebron is liking going to leave Cleveland, and sign with another team in the off-season. Many people think it will be the Knicks or the Bulls, but who knows.

This was a pretty haphazard post, I'm sorry. I have no idea what I'm going to do when baseball is gone.

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