Sunday, May 16, 2010

Light That Baby Up!

Feels Good, Man.

The offense exploded, the defense was solid, and Ervin Santata, while not great, was better than he has been. I didn't get to see most of the game, but I heard it on AM830, and watched the game-cast on So I couldn't watch every players little nuances like I'd like to, but everyone was hitting, so there really wasn't much to see.

I'm sure Brandon Wood and Mike Napoli struck out swinging at least once in this game, but who cares? An 11-3 victory against a division rival is always sweet. Add in the fact that the Rangers cant solve the Blue Jays (who we swept a month ago, by the way) right now, and we could be as close at 2 1/2 games back in the division by days end.

Will it happen? It would have to be a perfect storm, but it would be nice, considering the Angels short, 2-game, road trip to Texas immediately following today's game. As of this second, the Jays are beating the Rangers 5-2 in the bottom of the 7th, so it looks like the first half of what needs to happen will happen. Good luck Angels!

A Few Thoughts:
- Kendry Morales needs to start spreading out this offensive production throughout the week. I mean, 2 homers and 5 RBI's in a game is nice, but when he had 1 whole RBI the rest of the week so far, thats room for improvement.
- If we are going to start winning, winning by a lot will be an important factor, so as to keep Brian Fuentes from meddling in our winning business.
- I know beating up on the A's doesnt seem like much, but they are still the second best team in the division, and beating division rivals is whats important at this point.

Around the League:
- The Rays optioned DH Pat Burrell for assignment. He was maybe the least productive DH in the AL East. I can't feel too bad for them, considering they have the best record in baseball, but bad free agent signings always sting. I remember after the 2008 season, when Teixeira split, many "experts" called for the Angels to sign him. I dont say this often, but good job, Tony Regans.

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