Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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It seems like just yesterday, we had won 3 of our last 4, and things were looking up... Because it WAS yesterday.

Now, the Angels have lost 3 of 4, drop an important home series. The Angels have dropped to a dismal 6 games below .500.

Its really hard to find one thing that they did wrong, I mean, other than play average defense. Budde had two passed balls, and the fielders just looked lost out there.

I'm almost positive that Erick Aybar is not an actual player, but a hologram. Jared Weaver had a fantastic game on the mound with 12 k's in 7 innings of work. He only allowed one earned run. Its pretty clear that Budde and Weaver should NEVER be battery mates again this season. I dont really like Napoli behind the plate when Weaver pitches either, but at least he catches balls. You know... like a "Catcher".

A few thoughts:
- I'm too mad to think

Angels Record: 15-21
Outlook: If the Angels cant win the weekend series against Oakland, this place will be one step closer to becoming a Washington Nationals blog.

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