Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 All-Star Game: A Live Blog

5:02 PM - All-Star Game starts NOW on FOX, but that means it will actually start in about 45 minutes. Get comfortable.

5:03 PM - I'm not a fan of Chris Rose at all, but he sadly going to be the best sportscaster we will see for the next 5 hours.

5:10 PM - Next time, don't make it so obvious you have had TONS of work done, Joe Buck.

5:14 PM - At least A-Rod knew he was going to booed really hard.

5:22 PM - Hey look, the one person who might have actually had more work done than Joe Buck, Julia Roberts.

5:24 PM - Fun fact: The last time Sheryl Crow was relevant was the last time the NL won the All-Star Game.

5:29 PM - We get it FOX... you love that Glee is doing so well. We don't need their stars EVERYWHERE. Its not like its even Jane Lynch or that chick with the horse nose.

5:33 PM - I thought it couldn't get worse than The Cleveland Show, but no, Fox decided to blend Raising Arizona and My Name is Earl into some awful looking sitcom.

5:35 PM - I was pretty sure Glee was a singing show.... why cant she?

5:39 PM - Oooo... and a crappy looking show about some guy who is "the best at what he does" in Texas... the least appealing of all 50 states.

5:40 PM - Hey look, its Rod Carew, whom we always claim as our own, even though he prefers to be known as a Twin. Screw Him.

5:44 PM - Forever = 14 years. Good to know.

5:46 PM - Is it sad that the Cooking Reality show from the really angry british guy and the producers of The Biggest Loser is the best looking new show coming to Fox?

5:48 PM - Ok... so 46 minutes till the game started... so close

5:49 PM - AL: Use your Lineup. BEST. SCOUTING. REPORT. EVER.

5:51 PM - Cano, don't be 2010's Dan Uggla. Thanks.

5:54 PM - See, how can you hate Ichiro? He is awesome.

5:55 PM - Verdict on first new FreeCreditReport.com band = not awful.

6:01 PM - Yeah... that shut-down pitching for the NL looks like its not going to do much for them. The AL lineup is just better. Sorry, Senior Circuit.

6:02 PM - Way to go, Hamiltoe.

6:05 PM - I'm getting kinda sick of Mr. Sulu making fun of my crappy TV.

6:07 PM - Cano is trying really hard to be the Dan Uggla of the 2010 All-Star Game.

6:09 PM - Gorgeous double play by guys who have never played together.

6:16 PM - I want a Joe Buck clock. We already know Forever = 14 Years, and now, a year and a half = 6 Minutes.

6:21 PM - This is going to be the fastest All-Star Game in history.

6:24 PM - Don't anyone try to get a rally going or anything. Because when we turn on the All-Star Game, we are looking for a pitching duel.

6:27 PM - Get a good look Angels Fans. Carl Crawford is going to be an Angel soon.

6:28 PM - He will get better, I promise.

6:44 PM - I went to go make a couple chili-dogs, and missed an entire inning...

6:58 PM - Boy, Justin Verlander and Robinson Cano sure like to make it look hard.

7:06 PM - If the AL cant score here, they dont deserve to win. Kuo is easily the most hittable pitcher on the NL staff, regardless of his repertoire against lefties.

7:07 PM - Nice Sac-Fly, Cano. Way to make up for your 6 errors so far. American League leads, 1-0.

7:09 PM - Thats Busch league, Mauer... Busch League.

7:13 PM - With how red Heath Bell's face is, you'd think he played in on the sun.

7:23 PM - Another quiet inning for the NL, but not without Joe Buck letting us all know his dream of having Adrian Gonzalez in a Red Sox uniform. What a giant tool.

7:31 PM - Lets hope this is a sign of things to come for the Rangers in the second half.

7:39 PM - Great sub, Joe.... At least Vlad would have swung at something...

7:43 PM - In addition to finding a cure for cancer, that woman standing next to Bud Selig should also try to find a toothbrush.

7:56 PM - Not fair. Brian McCann is cheating with his bionic eye.

8:04 PM - Middle of the 7th, NL leads 3-1. The way the AL has been hitting, this might be enough for the NL to end their winless streak.

8:24 PM - Another quick inning for the NL... Middle of the 8th, still 3-1 NL. A-Rod only player left on AL bench. How cliche, Girardi.

8:32 PM - One Inning to go, AL still looks comatose.

8:40 PM - I understand it has California in the title, but "California Gurls" still seems like an odd song choice, Fox.

8:50 PM - Congrats NL, on your first win in FOREVER (14 years).


  1. Have you seen the Cleveland Show? It actually can't get worse.

  2. Joe Buck had work done? His nose is crooked.

  3. OMG. Joe Buck's plastic surgery is EPIC. As in, epic failure. LOLZ

  4. It's too early for MVP of the game but can we vote Torii Hunter as Mr. Congeniality?

  5. 4 full innings in less then an hour ... impressive and incredibly boring

  6. Angels Stadium best be rooting for Ortiz .. I want the Al to win - no matter who has to smack that ball out of the park.

  7. Vlad would have swung at everything ... this game is too boring. Maybe they could just switch us to that sitcom that's worse than the Cleveland Show.