Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Will NOT Go Gently Into That Good Night!

So what Texas? So what that you picked up the biggest name this trade season in Cliff Lee? He can only play every five days, and we aren't going anywhere.

I'll admit, when I heard the news that Cliff Lee had been traded to Texas, I felt incredibly defeated. I thought "Well, there is always next year...". I had lost my ways.

I chose to watch the Angel game last night anyway, and the way they responded was incredible.

Home Runs by Bobby Abreu and Torii Hunter kept muscling the Angels away from the A's, but the A's kept on coming back and tying the game. It seems like last week, this offense would have just folded, let Oakland take the lead, and lose the game. But the Angels have a new fire under them.

I found myself cheering for Eric Aybar for the first time in months when he absolutely CRUSHED a ball to center field off of Andrew Bailey last night. That was the first time I have ever seen Aybar ever muscle a ball like that. You could see the fire in his eyes. You could see it in the eyes of starter Joel Pinero, all-star Torii Hunter, and the rest of the team.

Thanks to a rain delay, the Texas game actually went later into the night. Texas was up by four into the ninth inning, then the Orioles tied it, and Corey Patterson (my new favorite Oriole) came up and hit a game-tying grand slam, and the O's won it in extras.

The lead is now back down to 4.5 games, and even though Cliff Lee is likely to make his first start in Texas tonight, I have a good feeling about this.


I was thinking about going into whom I think the Angels should/could trade for to make this a race, but the Angels are traditionally very quiet this time of year. Even if the last two seasons have brought us former all-stars (Teixeira and Kazmir) at the deadline, I don't think the Angels have the movable pieces to bring in a division changer. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope we can bring in more talent for a run at the division, but I just don't see it being very likely.


Don't forget locals, you can still sign up for the All-Star 5k and Fun-Run tomorrow morning at the Stadium. Also, the All-Star Game Fan-Fest is still going to be open Today, Tomorrow and Monday. Possibly also Tuesday, but I'm not sure.

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