Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The All-Star Game: This Time, it Counts!

At this point, they should just have the Yankees take the field against the NL All-Stars. Whats the point of fan voting when every retaad in the country either votes Yankees or Red Sox, because those are the only damn teams that ever get covered on ESPN.

Granted, I'm really happy for Joe Mauer, that he lead all vote-getters with 5.something million votes... and I'm also REALLY happy that Teixeira and A-Rod arent starting the game (even though A-Rod still made the team, because Joe Girardi plays favorites).

Wait... No... I'm not letting Joe Girardi get by on just a footnote... what terrible decisions. I know the remaining pitchers and bench players arent entirely up to him. But there has got to be a reason the Phil Hughes makes the damn All-Star team, but Jared Weaver, the league leader in strikeouts (and a top 5 guy in most other categories) doesn't make the team. Oh yeah, because Joe Girardi is going to do what ever he can to get half his damn roster on the team.

I'm done being mad about this. For reference later, Votto and Youkilis are who you should vote for for the final vote (even though neither should have not made the team in the first place). Weaver and Barry Zito should have at least been candidates for the final vote.

Oh, and I'm ok with Strasburg not making the team... I also would have been ok with him making the team. There are terrific arguments for both sides.


I regret calling Scott Kazmir our second-most consistent pitcher about a week ago, because its not true. One week, he looks like the Cy Young candidate he was with Tampa... then other games, like yesterday, he looks like someone who would struggle for a rotation spot with Pittsburgh. If anything, he has shown he is the least consistent pitcher in our rotation. This in a rotation with Saunders and Santana. Go figure.

Oh, and is it too late to write in Paul McAnulty (who will hereby be known as Paul McFatty, because thats far cooler than his actual name) for the All-Star Game? I'm really hoping this strange roster decision works out for the team.

Another strange roster choice was bringing up Cory Aldridge, who had 1 run on no hits with 4 k's in five major league at bats... 9 years ago in Atlanta. I can't possible see where this goes wrong. 0-4 with a strikeout in yesterdays game wasnt a good start.

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