Friday, July 16, 2010

I Wish We Could Play Seattle All Year Long: Part II

"What A Game" indeed.

Pineiro looks like a Cy Young Canidate (obvious hyperbole, he wont be, he just is pitching like one), Aybar is finally playing like a good lead-off man, and it looks like the 6-9 hitters will finally start to turn it around.

Granted, I've always believed in Kevin Frandsen, but Jeff Mathis finally turning it around, and Paul McElroy getting twice the amount of hits he had all season, those surprised me.

Sadly, Texas also won yesterday, beating Boston 7-2. It was all the fault of Tim Wakefield, who for some reason still thinks he can actually get outs by throwing that damn knuckleball. Its cute and almost endearing. Almost.

So while old man river was throwing batting practice to the division leaders, I get to yell at my computer, wondering why Boston continues to trot that fool out. I understand they are riddled with injuries right now, but there has got to be someone in their farm system that could pitch better than this.

Tonight, it probably wont get much better. Boston is sending someone I've never heard of to the mound, while the Angels get to face the only decent pitcher left in the M's rotation. While we blasted King Felix in his last start against the Angels, he is traditionally a better second half pitcher.

So, we still sit 4.5 games out, and with trips to New York and Texas next week, we really need Boston to turn things around for the rest of the weekend.

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