Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Run Derby: The Live Blog

3:55 PM - We are t-minus 65 minutes to the start of the 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby. I will be attempting to do my first ever Live Blog tonight, with thoughts and insight from the game, while it happens.

This is will be the post, and if you are going to keep up, just refresh your browser. If you will be out, the whole thing will be here for you to enjoy later. For those of you who happen to read me on MLBlogs... I wont be updating it live there, I'm just going to post this whole thing after the Derby.

Oh, and a mini-announcement for the rest of the break. If I like how things go tonight, I'll also be doing a live blog for the All-Star Game, and on Wednesday, I'll go over my exciting All-Star Sunday, as well as how the Angels can compete for the West in the second half. Oh, and maybe some mid-season awards. Wednesday is going to be a big post.

5:00 PM - Really? Train is the best we could do? I know they have that awful "Calling All Angels" song, but No Doubt is actually from Anaheim, The Offspring are from nearby Huntington Beach. Also, I wasn't aware this song was 9 minutes long.

5:04 PM - "Its time to show the rest of the country, that when it comes to hitting home runs, you are far from laid back!" Chris Berman. Stupid Southern California/Orange County Comment Count: 1.

5:07PM - Love the huge Boo's for Swisher and Ortiz.

5:09 PM - Bobby Valentine just called David Ortiz "Jose Ortiz". I'll never understand why the Mets fired him.

5:14 PM - "Though its Summer, and they are all out there, having fun in the warm California Sun" - Chris Berman. Stupid SoCal/OC Comment Count: 2.

5:16 PM - It only took 16 minutes for this thing to actually start. Must be a record.

5:21 PM - One whole Homer for Chris Young, good show... good show...

5:25 PM - Vernon Wells got two homers, and one of them he owes a big assist to some guy in the first row with a decent glove. At least he got fly ball outs. Chris Young must have though he was in the Seeing-Eye Single Derby.

5:33 PM - "Just Missed It" - Bobby Valentine on a 410 Foot Home Run.

5:37 PM - Corey Hart just hit 13 homers. I wish there was a "Sunglasses at Night" joke I could make here, but there just isn't.

5:42 PM - Where is the SportsScience report on why Nick Swisher wears his hat like a retard?

5:46 PM - 4 Homers for Nick Swisher. That will sadly probably be enough to get him in the next round...

5:54 PM - Bobby Valentine can't count either. Holliday hits 5 to move into second place, Hart clinches second round.

6:02 PM - Its pretty amazing that Chris Berman has made a career sounding like the Cadbury Bunny.

6:09 PM - Ortiz hits 8 of the most boring home runs in Derby history, as Joe Morgan spent the entire 10 minutes going crazy for his shoes, which are not special at all. Also, Bobby Valentine talked about the kids catching the balls in the outfield as though they were attractive. So he is a pedophile too.

6:17 PM - Hanley Ramirez just hit 9 homers to put himself into the second round, and more importantly, eliminate Nick Swisher from the competition.

6:31 PM - Miguel Cabrera hit 7 to get him into the second round. Cool, this thing is half over.

6:52 PM - Half-way through the second round, Ortiz is probably in, Cabrera is out. Cant wait for the Hart/Ortiz final.

7:03 PM - Air Pipes? Shoes? Do Joe Morgan and Bobby Valentine really hate baseball that much that they have to talk about nonsense. I mean, I'm bored too, but this isn't my job.

7:07 PM - Fantastic, Ortiz and Ramirez are tied at 21. If Hart hits 22 or more, we will have a swing-off, which will extend this snooze-fest even further.

7:30 PM - Ortiz just tied the final round record of 11... but still made it boring somehow.

8:15 PM - oh, I thought I congratulated Ortiz on winning the Home Run Derby already... oops.


  1. How did Chris Berman get the job as announcer? He's lame.

  2. at least he isn't Jon Miller...

  3. This Corey Hart is no one hit wonder!!

  4. WTF with the shoes? Is this a freakin fashion show or baseball? Are we going to have to listen to these fools tomorrow too?

  5. No, tomorrow we get the even worse couple of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.