Friday, July 30, 2010

New Home, New Saunders?

Joe Saunders, the newest member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, wasn't perfect yesterday, but he was really good. While the Phillies offense has been pretty pedestrian this season, they had become one of the hottest hitting teams in baseball over the last couple of weeks. For Joe to keep them to just 2 runs over seven well pitched innings showed a promising start in Saunders' new uniform.

A few more things that will help Joe, not only is he playing in the National League, where he gets to face the opposing pitcher twice a game (at least), he is playing in the NL West, one of the worst hitting divisions in baseball. Not to mention that he is going to play in a pitchers park in Arizona, and three of the four other NL West parks are pitchers parks as well.

Not to mention a sweet swimming pool in right field.

Joe Saunders will only get better. Not only is the move to the National League going to help his stats, but the trade will probably light a fire under his ass. The last thing he wants is to be considered "trade-able" again.

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