Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving on....

In what is far to depressing to even speak about, the Angels were swept by the White Sox in a four game series in Chicago. They looked awful, and there is no excuse for their play. Santana and Weaver both had good game, and the Offense decided to not show up. While Kazmir and Saunders looked as awful as ever.

Instead of getting really mad about the last 7 games... lets move on and look towards the trade deadline.

It seems like the only thing I ever hear on the radio is how we need a bat. I wish it were that simple. Where we could just go get a bat and win the division.

No, in addition to a third basemen, and maybe another hitting outfielder, there isnt much we can do to clean up the offense. No one is playing anywhere near their potential right, except for maybe Howie Kendrick.

I'd love to go out and get a guy like Mark Reynolds or someone to just have this big pop in our lineup, but realistically, if we want a chance to win the division, we need pitching. Right now, we have maybe 2 pitchers I trust to go out and get a win. Jared Weaver and Ervin Santana (sometimes). We could use one of the many Starters that seem to be coming available (Dan Haren, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, etc). There is also only a couple of guys that can come out of the bullpen and I feel assured that they wont blow the game, and even then... they already have, and it will happen again.

I'm not saying we could go out and get a shut-down closer, but a couple of steady, veteran arms in the bullpen would go a long way to stabilize the entire pitching staff.

If the Angels want to win the division this year, they will have to make some major sacrifices to pick up a bat and a few solid pitchers. Is it worth it, or should we just let Texas have their one season in the sun, and focus on making a significant impact on the free agent market in the winter?

I'd honestly be ok with either option, but if they plan on giving away half the farm system to build a contender this season, they had better have a long-term plan along with it, or we will find ourselves in a similar situation in 2011 and 2012.

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